Mayor Leavitt, Cocky, Arrogant and Full of Himself

by lewwaters

NOTE: While my views of Tim Leavitt remain unchanged, I am beginning to seriously doubt this actually came from him.

Leavitt LaughingWinning an election to office has been known to go right to the heads of narcissistic people, those who falsely credit their own popularity for the win rather than realize the lies and negative ads on their behalf are why they won.

They falsely believe winning gives them a mandate for their views, not seeing that 63% did not even bother to vote.

Such is the case with Vancouver, Washington Mayor, Tim Leavitt, more commonly known as “the Liar” over his many lies to first win office in 2009.

The local excuse for media, the Lazy C, created a false narrative to support Leavitt and now, he apparently has let his win go to his head, even though he won by a smaller percentage, 52.09% against a first term city council member compared to 53.51% against a four term incumbent Mayor.

But, being the cocky ass he is, he is unable to just accept that he managed to remain in office and felt the need to reach out and arrogantly boast to this blogger about his win in an email received today from his personal email.

Leavitt email, Happy New Year

Let’s look over his comments.

I’m really looking forward to another four years, working with a new council of forward thinking, conscientious elected officials.

Apparently a slur against former council member Jeanne E. Stewart, the lone citizen advocate until Bill Turlay was elected, defeated by a bought and paid for rubber stamp, Alishia Topper. To Leavitt, doing the bidding of special downtown interests who have for years sought to strap Vancouver’s middle class with millions of dollars of taxes for Portland, Oregon’s financially troubled light rail, even though they have voted against time and again, amounts to “forward thinking.”

I wondered if your blog was surviving. The results of our local elections may certainly be considered a barometer of public sentiment.

Tim apparently isn’t sober enough to realize blogs are not dependent upon advertising dollars and since we have no staff to pay, whether or not remain surviving is dependent on whether or not we wish to still write.

But, with a voter turnout of only 37%, I hardly see that as any barometer, especially when a low turnout was said to belie any notion of opposition to light rail in the 2012 election by the leader of downtown special interest, Identity Clark County.

What I’ve come to learn in elections, Lew, is that the public — at the end of the day — really is turned off by extremist viewpoints and behavior.

Really, Timmy? Is that why you frequently whined about Commissioner Madore attacking you because he disagrees with you? Is that why the Lazy C created the falsehood of him funding candidates when he wasn’t and you remained silent?

Is that why you lied throughout the 2009 election, revealed when you flipped days after winning?

And again, with such a low turnout, is that really a gauge of public sentiment?

Playing victim may have played a role, but it won’t work for you forever, Tim.

I know for certain that I received votes because of the vandalism that was occurring with my 4×8 signs. I know for certain that I received votes because people were turned away from the personal attacks and hit pieces. I have to believe that your blog was also helpful to me, even if in some small way, given the size of your audience. So….I guess I’m saying “thank you” for continuing to attack me. Keep up the fight….I do appreciate it!

Unless he was leading the vandalism himself, how would he know it benefited him and him alone? After all, many of his opponents signs were also vandalized as were every other candidate.

Funny that he chooses to mention the blog, one of the blogs he and his ilk have long maintained nobody pays attention to. Yet, he now claims enough people view my blog to be turned off enough to vote for him by a slim margin in a low turnout election?

Tim, you’re too funny.

As for the “thank you,” you’re welcome, Tim. Stick around, much more to come as you manipulate your rubber stamp city council and piss off more people.

So yes, you did win and apparently, don’t know how to accept a win gracefully. Your arrogance will do you in time.

But as citizens see their paychecks shrinking due to the taxes and fees you will impose to pay for your choo choo train and sign over the sovereignty of the city to Portland, don’t be too surprised to see more and more people turn on you when they realize what a bill of goods you sold them, again.

Remember what it says in the Good Book, Tim, you know, something pride going before a fall?

You will be your own downfall, you and the Lazy C who places all hopes in the citizenry staying asleep and not seeing your intoxication, conflicts of interest or questionable dealings we hope to soon see a Justice Department investigation into.

My pleasure would be seeing you and your cronies doing the perp walk down City Hall step in handcuffs.

Sober up, Timmy.

21 Comments to “Mayor Leavitt, Cocky, Arrogant and Full of Himself”

  1. He seriously sent that to you? WTH


  2. He is the worst possible scum of any politician I have ever seen.


  3. Yes, he seriously sent me that email today.😉

    I hope he was expecting it to be made public.


  4. Just makes me glad that I exercised the common sense to buy my new home outside the city limits of Vancouver…


  5. Me too, I’m outside the Vancouver City Limits and hope to stay outside of them. But, if Levitt gets his way with light rail, it is going to cost all of us in Clark County.

    That being said, if it had been David Madore, Don Benton or Tom Mielke send this email to any voter, can you imagine how fast the Lazy C would making a fuss over it?

    While I know they monitor this blog, as well as Kelly’s, they will never say a word.


  6. I was shocked and depressed by the election. How could any one re-elect Leavitt? Jeanne E. Stewart, was such a hard working person who studied each issue was voted on the merits of the issue. She was just tossed aside. I have quit watching the counsel meeting. I am thinking about movie to another state.


  7. It is the way of the Modern American Democrat, ignore the facts that you don’t like and promote the facts that you do like, even if it so transparent as to cause folks to question your grasp of reality. Eventually if the mayor repeats the lie to himself long enough and often enough it will become true. Just ask Nancy Pelosi, and Whats his name Albert Frankin-Gore.


  8. Good to see the regular crowd is alive and kicking! Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy 2014.


  9. Don’t overplay it, “Tim”


  10. Tim, you’re a class act pal. Way to reach out to those who disagree with you. Such leadership! You know, once I submitted to you (in a Columbian online chat) that you could be a good leader if you’d just tone down the rhetoric against those who disagree with you. Tim, you’ve proven to me that you will never be a good leader. Leadership doesn’t deliberately belittle and mock those with whom they disagree.


  11. Mayor Leavitt…I wish I could provide you with the same New Year’s greeting, but sadly I cannot. I will however wish you good health in 2014.

    If Lew Waters’s quote by you is 100% accurate and I believe it is…

    Just HOW CAN YOU BE THANKFUL for criminal acts promoting votes for your election??? Is THIS the TYPE of political leadership you promote as well???

    Sir…with all due respect…what OTHER criminal ac…………………………………………………………………………..

    No… I’m not even going to try to say what I REALLY want to say. SOMEONE we ALL know in city government is quick on the trigger to pull the lawsuit card as evidenced by recent posts on the county’s Birdcage Liner prior to the time of their expectations for people to actually PAY for access to their highly-opinionated and politically-slanted writes!!! I will say however, that I am quite disappointed in your statement as it was presented here on the best news blog of Clark County. A crime is a crime. It doesn’t matter how small the criminal act was…it’s still a crime. And some crimes go unpunished due to lack of evidence. There’s no good in crime – EVER!!!

    Hehe…here’s a quote that comes to mind right about now (Courtesy of Matt Groening)…

    It takes TWO to lie –
    One to lie and one to listen.

    People aren’t listening any more, sir.




  13. So predictable, Lew. (BTW, is that short for “Lewis”?) It’s so fascinating to witness the insanity of both your blogs and the subsequent commentary. It takes a real “unique” mind to come up with this stuff…but it sure is entertaining.


  14. Yes, tell us of “uniqueness” “Tim.”

    Or is it ……..?

    You overplayed your hand, whoever you are.

    Maybe I will send this to the Mayor and let him know someone is impersonating him.

    I’m sure your I.P. will be very interesting


  15. Hmm…well Lew, whoever this “Tim” is…my comment is directed solely to that person who made the comments whether it be the mayor or the impersonator who thinks they’re mayor of Vancouver. The insanity mentioned in the comment @3:39 pm just may be a self-inflicted issue.


  16. You’re as fascinated with Tim as Lou is with Madore. Interesting to watch…………


  17. Sorry, but you can’t improve Lefty Lou’s image by comparing him to me😉


  18. Not trying to improve (or ruin for that matter) anyones image. Just saying that you write negatively about Tim as often as Lou does about Madore (and Milke). I’m just interested in how narrowly focused people are given everything else there is to talk about in Vancouver/ Clark County. Not a criticism, just an observation.


  19. You ought to be thankful that there are a couple of us out here willing to give ‘hizoner’ the critical look that the Lazy C won’t. We try to bring the balance they lack


  20. The Lazy C DID give him a very critical look when they thought he was going to put the brakes on the CRC because he ran on an opposition to tolls platform. Once Timmy came back into the fold, it was all goodness and light from the Lazy C.


  21. Wait a minute… Is Leavitt seriously trolling blogs?!? Bwahahahaha!!!!! That’s freakin hilarious!! What a flippin kook!!!


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