In Spite of Recent Tax Increases, Sen. Pridemore Claims We Have The “Lowest Taxes in 50 Years!”

by lewwaters

I know how politicians love to spin numbers and throw out smoke screens as they stick it to us in our back sides, but either Senator Craig Pridemore (D. 49th) is completely out of touch. Or, he either isn’t very good at spin or he has the worst timing ever. Below is a screen shot of his enewsletter received just today.

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Nothing would please me more than to believe this claim, but does he not know that the Port of Vancouver just raised property tax by 1%? The city of Vancouver just raised property tax by 1%? C-Tran just hoodwinked us into a sales tax increase? The City just raised ad valorum tax by 1%? Utility taxes were just raised as well as rates are increasing. Governor Gregoire wants a sales tax increase and C-Tran is already scheming to hit us with yet another sales tax increase next year.

Boss Leave-it is pulling every trick he can think of to stick us with a tax to fund loot rail, whether we want it or not and to the point of denying most of us a vote on it too.

We in Clark County have the highest property tax levy rates in the state!

Earlier this year, Clark County Commissioners raised our 911 excise tax.

Just this past September, we were told State Democrats explore special election on tax hikes

Admittedly, I have not studied the entire Fiscal Year 2009 report Pridemore bases his claim on. But, given all of the recent tax and fee increases we have seen, I don’t for a minute buy that we have the lowest tax rates in 50 years.

As is often said, ‘figures don’t lie, but liars figure.’

Maybe Craig should spend less time on political spin and more on keeping up with what goes on inside his district.

8 Comments to “In Spite of Recent Tax Increases, Sen. Pridemore Claims We Have The “Lowest Taxes in 50 Years!””

  1. Pridemore is just doing what Democrats normally do – Lie like hell and hope the voters are stupid enough to swallow the BS.


  2. Is he talking State or Federal?

    Federal taxes are indeed the lowest in 50 years – for the rich. When Reagan came into office, the upper bracket was 90%. The Bush Jr. tax cuts (35% top rate) took the nation below sustainability. The Clinton years (39.5% top rate) balanced the budget.


  3. Now Jack, let’s not just point at the Dems on this. What can ya say when you have heard from those in power, “The Public is so stupid they don’t know what is good for them?” That came out of a local Republican’s mouth. One has just got to love the spin doctors, if they say it enough times they will believe it themselves? Thank you Mr. Hash!


  4. The way I look at it, America is divided into two “factions”: on one side you have the Democrats (Liberal & Hard Left) with the RINO Republicans buried in their anal recesses, and on the other side you have the Conservatives.

    There really isn’t any “middle ground” here, but the Media tries it’s damndest to make you think that it’s somehow more “complex” than that.

    It’s really a lot more black & white than it looks.


  5. Jack, how did you achieve such confidence in your opinions?


  6. MY question is: If its not the figureheads in power that are the problem but the people who vote them in?


  7. It’s real easy, Martin. I’m just not stupid.


  8. The “figureheads” are stupider than the people who vote them in, Jeremy.


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