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May 24, 2011

Let the Day After Memorial Day Be the Beginning of the Summer of Recovery

by lewwaters

Once again, Memorial Day, a day that has been set aside to pay homage to those who have fallen in service to our country and have given us the freedoms and liberties we enjoy with the sacrifice of their lives is upon us. Some communities may still hold parades; most all will hold some sort of ceremony to honor our fallen.

Like the last couple Memorial Days, this one will be held under the shadow of not only an ongoing war, but a deeply depressed economy and divided nation. Politicians, many of whom have gotten us into this mess, will undoubtedly step forward and make their speeches and no doubt, some will take advantage of the day to score a few political points.

But, who will actually take the bull by the horns and do what is needed to correct this elongated Great Recession we remain in?

As well as being a day to honor our fallen heroes, Memorial Day is also considered the official kick-off to the summer, where people across the country will go on vacation, visit relatives and friends far distances from them and get out and enjoy the countryside as much as they may.

With gas breaking $4.00 a gallon, unemployment still riding high, taxes going up all over, business still failing and the dark mood of the nation because of it, many less trips will be taken than was just a few years ago. Ultimately, that will result in making the situation worse as even less tax revenues from summer purchases will be made.

May 24, 2011

Free Speech for All, Except Conservatives

by lewwaters
May 24, 2011

The Columbian: Bankruptcy, Restructure, Tax Breaks and Still Late

by lewwaters

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to see our local newspaper of record once again reporting news after others do. It seems to be the pattern down there for some time now.

Be it the news of death threats against former congressman Brian Baird being found not credible before his August 18, 2009 town hall, uncovered by blogger Kelly Hinton weeks before the Columbian reported it or ongoing problems at the Hazel Dell Value Motel, reported on and uncovered by Marcus Griffith of the Vancouver Voice, not to leave out the numerous times KPAM, KATU, KPTV, KUPL or KGW news teams scoop them on local Clark County news, the Columbian continually comes up short when it comes to getting news out in a timely fashion.

Editor Lou Brancaccio has said they will not run with rumors or publish speculation, which was highly noticeable in the case of former 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks abruptly quitting the seat, mid-session and just weeks after being sworn in for another term.

Others weren’t so fortunate to have the local paper of record in their pocket that spared little ink in speculating or questioning the truthfulness of their claims.

In the case of Marcus Griffith of the Vancouver Voice, someone I have had my differences with, he did make the effort to confirm what nearly all of us in town knew, that there were serious infractions and shady dealings going on at the Motel. I believe he could have accomplished that without spending the night there, but have to credit him with actually going in there and doing his own investigation and then reporting on it, once again, before the Columbian reported about it.

May 24, 2011

Legalize Potholes

by lewwaters

Today’s Columbian has yet another tale of woe crying about decreased revenues and how taxes not being higher has let the county and city roads fall into disrepair. Vancouver pavement on road to ruin Engineer warns that years of neglect make repairs more costly

As is usual, the “cure” is come up with some way to take even more hard earned tax dollars away from the struggling population, facing high unemployment, devaluing of the dollar, fighting to keep their homes and food on their table and not to forget, fearing any medical setbacks that could also bankrupt them as well as paying more and more for gasoline to power their vehicles just to get to work.

No mention is made of how for so many years now, our tax dollars have been squandered and wasted when the economy was in better shape on an amphitheater, a convention center, buying a new building to house city government and endless studies on how to force Portland’s Loot Rail upon us whether we want it or not.


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