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November 26, 2010

How Many Jobs Did Al Gore’s ‘Mistake’ Cost Us?

by lewwaters

Most of us were astonished to hear former vice president and failed presidential candidate, and long time ‘green energy’ advocate Al Gore Jr. come out and admit that his early support of ethanol based fuels, made from a major food source, corn, was largely based on an effort to gain votes for his run for the presidency.

Gore, labeling his early support a “mistake” indicated he was

“more concerned with garnering votes from farmers in Tennessee and Iowa than with what was best for the environment.”

Al Gore: Votes, not science, led me to back corn ethanol

Gore went on to say,

“Corn ethanol is not a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. The process of converting corn into ethanol is highly energy intensive and also requires using a food crop for fuel.”

While we cannot forget the record food prices we saw in 2008 or the protests around the world over shrinking food supplies, I am particularly struck by the comment, “ethanol is not a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.”

November 26, 2010

Race Card Comes Out in Battle Ground Ethics Allegations

by lewwaters

I can’t really say it was inevitable and it does surprise me a bit to see the race card being used in the ethics allegations pending against Battle Ground city council member Paul Zandamela, but it has surfaced in an article appearing in the Reflector.

Joanna Michaud, staff reporter for the Reflector has penned her report, Two ethics complaints spur tension in BG where Zandamela makes the claim of Battle Ground Mayor Mike Ciraulo being behind the ethics violation complaints. Curiously, for reasons not quite understood, the accusation of Mayor Ciraulo being behind the allegations includes prominent mention of fellow council member Alex Reinhold’s teenage son being convicted 2 years ago of sending some very unsavory emails to Paul Zandamela.

I don’t know of a single person that excused what Chris did back then, but he had his day in court and pled guilty to the charges, an act that raised the eyebrows of at least two out of state law professors, especially after seeing that the U.S. Attorney’s Office undermined his Defense Attorney’s case on First Amendment grounds with threats of taking it to federal court, should the teen not change his plea to that of guilty of “cyberstalking.”

November 25, 2010

81 Year-Old Democrat Reads Playboy! This is News?

by lewwaters

I make no secret of taking pot shots at liberals and Democrats and lately I have been pointing out ridiculous items directed at Republicans that either aren’t very newsworthy or have no relevance to the story published in the Columbian.

I can do no less when I see something presented as “news” that is either irrelevant to the situation we face in the country or is just dumb from Republicans!

It has long been my personal opinion that the Monica Lewinsky story was intentionally leaked knowing well that Republicans will latch onto any titillating story concerning a political opponent, while the general public will just poo poo it, leaving the GOP standing there drooling, looking fools and the subject, Bill Clinton in that case, walks away with little damage.

November 24, 2010

2011 TSA Pin Up Calender

by lewwaters
November 24, 2010

Geriatric Terrorists Thwarted By Exam Gloves And Radiation

by lewwaters

Submitted by Bruce R. McCain

Last weekend I visited my 82-year old dad and brother in San Diego, took in a couple of football games and experienced first-hand the latest efforts by the Obama administration to keep us safe in the skies. My journey began at Portland International Airport which does not yet have the new full body virtual nudity machines installed. I sailed though the metal detector without a hitch and without being pulled aside for the invasive pat down search.

I soon sat down with my coffee cup in the large waiting area in Concourse C, listening to beautiful live piano music as planes took off on runway 10R outside the window behind me. What I witnessed next was both sad and surreal, but left me seething nonetheless. To my left a frail elderly man in a wheelchair was pulled over for the invasive pat down search. It took two male TSA agents to lift this near invalid man onto his feet where they held him in place as a third TSA agent wearing blue gloves ran his hands all over the helpless old man’s body, including into his crotch from both sides. At the same time on my right, an equally elderly woman using a walker got the same treatment from female TSA agents. I don’t know if these two aged travelers were husband and wife or I was merely witnessing a bizarre coincidence.

November 24, 2010

Should State Collective Bargaining Agreements be Declared Moot?

by lewwaters

An interesting concept that I doubt would fly in Washington State, but I would like to see it pursued.

Right off the bat I can see a big problem not only in implementing this, but in getting Democrats in Olympia to agree that a revenue crisis exists to even declare the contract moot.

I wouldn’t mind seeing union powers curtailed somewhat, especially during a revenue crisis as we are currently experiencing, but unless we have leadership willing to take a stand against the public unions, it will never happen.

Zarelli has had his own problems in the past and will undoubtedly receive much grief over this proposal, it comes with the territory. Maybe he isn’t the best one to come forward with it, but regardless, it is an idea worth discussing.

Washington State Senate Republicans have a website, Reset Washington where they also have a poll posted showing currently some 93% of respondents agree with this proposal.

Will the Democrats join in with anything short of stripping the poor and underprivileged of their assistance in favor of protecting unions, which hold some 70% of our budget hostage?

November 23, 2010

Respect Washington files Petition for Release of Non-Citizen voters

by lewwaters

Press Release
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Washington Citizens’ Group Files Petition for Release of Disqualified Juror Information

Group Seeks to Remove Ineligible Voters from Rolls

A citizens’ watchdog group, Respect Washington today filed a petition Tuesday in King County Superior Court seeking release of “non-juror information” from King County and the other 38 Washington counties. Non-juror information pertains to individuals who were deemed unqualified for serving on juries because of citizenship status or other reasons. Respect Washington is seeking access to this public information in order to verify that ineligible individuals are not registered to vote in Washington. Respect Washington was assisted by the Immigration Reform Law Institute.

Cross-referencing non-juror information in Douglas and Pacific Counties in 2006 and 2007 revealed that many of the individuals who were deemed ineligible for service as jurors were registered voters. In Douglas County, 42 percent of those rejected for jury service were on the voter rolls, and 56 percent of those ruled ineligible for jury duty in Pacific County were registered to vote. Each of the five criteria used to disqualify individuals from jury service would also make them ineligible to vote.

November 22, 2010

What changed, America?

by lewwaters

President John F. Kennedy, speaking before the United Nations Sept. 25, 1961.

What changed, America? Why are our leaders afraid to show this strength and stand up to evil any longer?

November 21, 2010

Note to Incoming Republicans: Don’t Forget, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

by lewwaters

The smoke has settled and the newly elected Representatives are assembled in Washington D.C. receiving their orientation and selecting office space. Come January and the House of Representatives switches back to a significant majority of Republicans while the Senate will remain in Democrat hand, but with a much smaller majority.

The new junior legislators ran on a variety of promises to be elected, from repealing Obamacare to restoring jobs in America. With the nation still locked deep in massive unemployment and unemployment benefits running out, many already exhausting the meager checks long ago, jobs must be the number one priority if we are to begin actually making any significant recovery.

Some of these new Representatives campaigned on promises they would create the jobs and bring them back to the districts they will soon represent. Voters will surely be disappointed when they realize the jobs created by Congress will just prolong the Great Recession and those who made such promises may end up not only facing some very angry constituents, but in 2 years will see their seats taken away from them.

November 21, 2010

What Has Been Sorely Lacking in the American Government?

by lewwaters

Lt. Col. (ret) Allen West, conservative congressman elect for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District shows exactly what has been absent from Washington D.C. for a very long time. We need more representatives like him and I hope come 2012 we may find one for Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

Cronyism as we saw during the 2010 campaign season in Washington State will never gives us this type of strong representation.

November 19, 2010


by lewwaters

UPDATE: For those arguing it is improper for Obama to Salute, here are two links to video of him saluting as he enters Marine One.


A moment of national pride took place recently in the White House when an American soldier, Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, received the Medal of Honor for bravery above and beyond the call of duty in combat in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Giunta became the first living American soldier to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. He is now one of only eighty-eight (88) living holders of the Medal of Honor.

As modest and self-effacing as he is brave, Sgt. Giunta brought further honor to himself by his humility in receiving the nation’s highest medal of valor. While he made no comment in the ceremony, Giunta said before the ceremony that he was “not at peace” with being “singled out” for the honor as so many other soldiers did so much. And after the ceremony, he said he would trade the honor in a moment if he could bring back those whose lives he attempted to save under enemy fire but was unable to save. He definitely showed that he was an American in whom America could be proud.

November 19, 2010

The Columbian’s Coverage of David Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Highly successful Clark County businessman David Madore, owner of U.S. Digital has caught the attention of many citizens as well as that of the newspaper of record, the Columbian. It was Mr. Madore who took the initial brunt of Vancouver city council member Jeanne Harris’ verbal assault weeks ago in early September.

Since he stood up and began supporting conservative candidates and, he has made frequent mention in the pages of the Columbian, lately for his philantrophical support of the FastNav system, resulting in the Columbian putting forth a poll on a private business owner.

Bearing that in mind, this poll will remain stuck at the top for the next week to see what others think of the coverage the Columbian has granted David Madore. Multiple selections allowed.

November 19, 2010

Breaking News Alert: Herrera Paints Toenails and Draws Office Too

by lewwaters

If there was ever any doubt that this last election was only about Jaime Herrera and not what might be best for the 3rd Congressional District, Herrera’s attitude over drawing her office back home in Washington D.C. as well as her sorority antics over the selection today should put that at rest.

A photo taken by the AP’s Harry Hamburg captured Herrera’s juvenile antics over drawing what she must consider a prime office location.

An earlier article appearing in the Columbian, Herrera hits the Hill has Herrera expressing concern over the office she might draw. “I’m hoping the people of Southwest Washington who come to see me, can find me. It may be a closet,” she is quoted as saying.

Apparently she can put that dire concern to rest, judging by the AP Photos taken.

November 19, 2010

Liberty Milestones: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

by lewwaters

Authored and submitted by attorney Rees Lloyd

On November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, amidst the ongoing internecine carnage of the Civil War, delivered his most famed speech, the now revered Gettysburg Address, at the dedication of the Soldier’s National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The Battle of Gettysburg had raged July 1 through 3, 1863. It involved more than 170,000 Americans. Troops of the Union Army of the Potomac and of the Confederate Northern Army of Virginia fought one another there. More than 7,500 Americans died there. More Americans would die in the Civil War, some 650,000, than in any war in our history.

The Union victory at Gettysburg, after so many defeats, was seen as a turning point in the war. But both the war and Lincoln’s future were in grave doubt. Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. He had instituted the Draft, leading to “Draft Riots” in New York and other northern cities. Anti-war Democrats, called “Copperheads,” were calling for appeasement of the secessionist states, and for Lincoln’s defeat in the 1864 elections. Lincoln himself expressed his belief he would not remain in office long enough to preserve the American union.

November 19, 2010

Hedrick’s ‘the Liberal Clause’ Destined for New York Times Best Seller? Giggle, snort, snicker

by lewwaters

In spite of my earlier reservations on the existence of failed congressional candidate David W. Hedrick’s book, the Liberal Clause, HERE and HERE, originally advertised as being shipped July 15, the book does in fact exist and even though months late, is finally being shipped to those who pre-ordered the book.

One of several people that contacted me with their reservations and worries about the book was gracious enough to scan the 43 pages and emailed them to me, with the comment, “What a waste of $20.00. It should not have been sold for more than $4.00.

After struggling to get through the short 43 pages it was easy to see why ‘Bob’ felt it worth only $4.00. The works of a literary midget, the pages are filled with spelling and grammatical errors. Hedrick would have served himself well by having someone review the pages before sending it to whoever he paid to print it.

November 18, 2010

Herrera Goes Back Home to DC, Hedrick Just Goes Back to Court

by lewwaters

Three years after parachuting in to Clark County specifically to take the legislative seat vacated by Richard Curtis and Jaime Herrera, newly elected Republican to the House of Representatives hopped onto a red eye back home to Washington D.C. where she will undoubtedly continue following the instructions of fellow Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington State 5th Congressional District.

That Herrera accomplished absolutely nothing during her brief grooming period in Olympia no longer matters as the establishment GOP pulled out all of the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics to ensure no other Republican would take the nomination away from her.

Several times I have expressed my dismay and extreme disappointment with many sitting on the Board of the Clark County Republican Party, seeing that in spite of their claims of being ‘Christian,’ they are little more than just another group of corrupt political bosses.

Hook or crook though, they ensured the one they wanted long ago made it, qualities and abilities be damned, she once lived in Clark County, the deciding factor expressed to me personally by many sitting on the Clark GOP Board.

Back home in D.C. this week and going through whatever a freshmen “orientation” is, Herrera’s main concern expressed to the Columbian seemed to be the location and size of the office she will draw saying, “I’m hoping the people of Southwest Washington who come to see me, can find me,” showing yet again that there is not an ounce of humility in her soul.

November 18, 2010

Obama, “The God of all Things?”

by lewwaters

The next cover of Newsweek magazine, November 22, 2010

The pose might look familiar to some as it was copied from the Hindu God Shiva the Destroyer in the “Dance of Death.”

Who is Shiva? The third god of the Hindu trinity who is entrusted with the task of destruction, thereby enabling regeneration.

November 13, 2010

Can the Washington State GOP be Saved?

by lewwaters

Not grabbing headlines just yet is Americans for Prosperity State Director and radio host Kirby Wilbur announcing his intent to challenge Washington State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser for the party’s top spot in 2011.

In a November 9th notice sent to the Everett Herald Wilbur said,

“We did make some gains last Tuesday, but not as many as we should have, given that the voters rejected the income tax and candy tax so overwhelmingly and reinstated 960 as well by a large margin. I have gotten a lot of support and encouragement from within the party and have a vision for the state party and I think the skills and talent to bring it about.” 

A careful review of the general election results this year and comparison to other regions shows that the Republican Party is due for a major shake-up in Washington State and also at several county level parties’.

November 10, 2010

Woodland Primary School Goes All Out For Veterans

by lewwaters

I have long maintained that nothing surprises me any longer. I am happy to say I have been proven wrong and by a delightful classroom of 3rd Grade children I had the pleasure of sitting down with today, November 10 in recognition of Veteran’s Day.

Let me back up a little, though.

A week ago I received a short message through facebook from a lady I became acquainted with during the 2010 congressional primary campaign season, her and me supporting the same candidate. She asked me if I would be interested it coming by her school for an assembly in honor of Veteran’s Day and afterwards to accompany her to her classroom where I and some other Veterans would sit down with the children and talk to them about being a Veterans.

I accepted the invitation and put together a short presentation that hopefully would appeal to young children, a small assortment of photos of the countryside of Viet Nam and the helicopters I was associated with as well as some patches, badges and such that I have.

November 9, 2010

How Nice, Pelosi “Receptive to Republican Ideas”

by lewwaters

In an op-ed piece written for USA Today, disastrous outgoing Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D Ca), after boasting of all they accomplished under her tutelage in 111th Congress, such as massive ongoing unemployment, the two largest deficits in history destroying any semblance of “fiscal discipline,” cramming unwritten legislation down the throats of the American people, denying the opposition party any independent voice and alienating even her own party members, now declares, “As we go forward, we welcome Republican ideas…”

“As we go forward,” Mrs. Pelosi?

Remember what retiring fellow Democrat Brian Baird said about Mrs. Pelosi in his book, revealed in the Wall Street Journal op-ed, Requiem for the Pelosi Democrats

“It’s been an authoritarian, closed leadership.”

And, that fiscal responsibility she boasts about? “Now we’re authorizing programs for three years instead of five in an attempt to pretend we’re saving money.”

And, that healthcare reform she’s so proud of? “What the hell were we doing voting on this?”

Most telling, I believe, is when Baird said, “Democrats will also have to recognize why they lost touch with voters.”

Not only that, maybe he and the other Democrats left can help the old crone Pelosi “recognize she has lost touch with reality.”

Mrs. Pelosi is in no position to state, “As we go forward, we welcome Republican ideas,” since with the 112th Congress, she will no longer be the Speaker of the House and if many Democrats have it their way, her “authoritarian, closed leadership” will ensure she does not have any position of leadership in her party.

Perhaps she didn’t receive the memo sent out by voters across America November 2, 2010.

Mrs. Pelosi, you lost!