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August 22, 2013

Leavitt Insanely Comes Out in Opposition to Voters and Taxpayers

by lewwaters

CRC Stake 1Sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is just ignorance or sheer arrogance that propels the Mayor of Vancouver, Washington, Tim ‘the Liar’ Leavitt.

It’s been known since he lied his way into the Mayor’s office, campaigning strongly opposing tolling the proposed CRC light rail bridge project, only to flip to supporting tolls shortly after winning that he is solidly in the pocket of special interests seeking to gain Billions off of the backs of the middle class in Clark County.

Now, with the project sitting in a zombie, undead status, special interests desperately trying to resurrect it after the Washington State Senate, heeding input from taxpayers, declined to approve a multi-Billion dollar tax package to include Washington’s portion of funding the CRC, Leavitt pulls what should be a stake through the heart of his effort to be reelected.

June 29, 2013

CRC & $10 Billion Trans Package Taken Off Life-Support

by lewwaters

I-5 Bridge 02The second special session ended shortly after 6 PM, June 29, 2013.

All of the whining, crying and gnashing of teeth won’t help now, only divine intervention will breathe any life into the CRC and Inslee’s massive $10 Billion Transportation package to heaped on the backs of struggling middle class voters across the state with a 10.5¢ gas tax increase and other fee increases to fund it.

The Senate Coalition majority held fast and remained unified today as efforts get some to change their minds failed.

An AP report, Wash. Senate leaders decline $10B transpo plan indicated the final nail in the coffin late this afternoon.

March 3, 2013

Rep Ed Orcutt to Bicyclists, “Pay Your Fair Share”

by lewwaters
Ed Orcutt

Ed Orcutt

UPDATE: Orcutt has apologized for making the comment to the cyclist, but doesn’t retract the claim made.

It’s not often that I applaud a legislator for a tax increase, but when I see one throwing blatant hypocrisy back in the faces of those who deserve it, I have to give them credit for doing so.

Washington State 20th Legislative District Representative Ed Orcutt, a Republican has done just that and has the ardent bicyclers up in arms as Washington State Democrats are proposing a slew of tax and fee increases for an ambitious transportation bill.

Their measure also includes a $25 tax to be charged on bicycles costing over $500 along with a 10 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax, an increase in excise tax on car licenses, a hike in the hazardous substance tax and new county auditor fees for car license tabs and title transfers.

While many bicyclists aren’t all that much opposed to the increases, they are becoming very outspoken in opposition to a tax on their preferred mode of transportation, bicycles.

February 1, 2013

Update: Stonier Misses First Four Votes in the House

by lewwaters

Monica Stonier HatUnder performing just as expected, word is out that Monica Stonier, newly elected Democrat in the 17th Legislative District who narrowly defeated Republican Julie Olson for the seat left open when Tim Probst narrowly lost his bid to oust Senator Don Benton blew off the first four votes in the House, those vote being listed as “probably the most important votes this month.”

One was for an amendment to house rules to make the 2/3 majority vote for tax increases that 64% of voters approved part of rules. Stonier wasn’t there. The amendment failed along party lines.

Shortly after the vote, Tim Eyeman, who has sponsored the initiatives and got the petitions to the people for us to vote on the initiative, issued a press release that says,

December 31, 2012

Senate Republicans Last Minute Cave on Fiscal Cliff Deal

by lewwaters

obama-tears-for-america1Sold out again by spineless Senate Republicans in Washington D.C. who caved to Obama and the Democrats on tax increases.

By a margin of 89-8, the Senate voted to pass the “compromise” bill, averting the so-called fiscal cliff.

In the deal, that no Senators really had time to read, we see the offer of $1 in spending cuts for every $41 in new taxes.

The bill heads to the House now, who may vote either Tuesday or Wednesday.

The 8 voting against the deal are Bennett D-CO; Carper D-DE; Grassley R-IA; Harkin D-IA; Lee, R-UT; Paul R-KY; Rubio R-FL & Shelby R-AL.

Far leftists like are upset over the deal, not seeing the rich being hit for even more taxes.

BOHICA America, Greece here we come.

NO doubt, Jim Moeller will see it as another “glorious moment.”

November 2, 2012

High Capacity Light Rail and $ Million Busses, Warranted in Clark County?

by lewwaters

A citizen perspective by Margaret Tweet

For the last few years, I’ve followed the proposed light rail extension from Portland to Vancouver via meetings by CTRAN, the Regional Transportation Council (RTC), the Washington Policy Center, the Cascade Policy Institute, and town halls on transportation issues. Precious little discussion is held on the true transportation needs of our region by the government agencies that propose costly solutions. Instead of thoroughly examining present conditions, the focus is on rosy predictions for 2030 and 2035 and the most costly transportation options possible.  CTRAN, RTC, and the contractors that will benefit have a dream, and they expect Clark County taxpayers and businesses to pay for it. The CTRAN and RTC boards that oversee the agencies include all 3 county commissioners and select city council representatives. Following is information I’ve gleaned and offer to fellow citizens.

Vancouver Mayor Leavitt and State Representative Moeller have oft declared that light rail is required on the proposed CRC I-5 bridge replacement.  Recently, WADOT Director Paula Hammond clarified at the October CRC oversight committee meeting that light rail is a “political” requirement placed on the project by Oregon. In the Tuesday Nov. 6 election, WA voters have a say on light rail via CTRAN proposition 1.  The CTRAN proposition is to raise the Clark County sales tax  to extend Portland’s TriMet light rail into Clark County and add costly $Million 60 foot bendable buses to the CTRAN fleet. If voters approve the High Capacity Transit taxing authority, the CTRAN long term plan is to extend light rail and 60 foot bendable busses in Clark County.

October 31, 2012

Vancouver’s ‘Teflon Tim’

by lewwaters

Teflon, the coating we have known for many years now in cookware and renowned for its non-stick capability. Whatever is being cooked just slides off easy as can be leaving little if any trace behind.

In politics the term is also widely known and has been used to describe several politicians of all parties that scandals just slide off of, not sticking, not being held accountable. President Reagan, Tony Blair, B.J. Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Ma Ying-jeou and Angela Merkel for just a few of the more well-known examples.

We also cannot forget well known Crime Boss, John Gotti was referred to as the “Teflon Don” for his many scrapes with the law that he slid through until finally convicted of murder in 1992.

The term “Teflon” has been used numerous times to those “slippery” characters that seem to just do whatever they wish with total impunity, either from the law or scrutiny by the media or fellow public servants. But who would have ever thought that our small community, Vancouver, Washington would find itself being able to apply it to one of our own public officials, the mayor Tim Leavitt.

April 12, 2012

Mayor Leavitt’s Thin Smoke Screen on a Tax Vote

by lewwaters

Clark County voters resoundingly rejected extending Portland’s light rail line to Vancouver in 1995 by a 2 to 1 margin. Twice more, in 2002 and 2004, voters in Clark County defeated measures perceived to be a back door for extending light rail to Vancouver, Resolution 51 being a statewide measure in 2002 defeated statewide and a C-Tran Proposition 1 defeated in 2004.

In spite of that, a small handful of elected officials decided amongst themselves to give the go ahead for extending light rail with their “locally preferred alternative,” ignoring and bypassing voters’ intent in 2008.

Then city council member, Tim Leavitt spoke of the need of “consideration should be given when it comes to looking at the cost of this project for that economic value that we provide to the state of Oregon and businesses in Oregon. So, that’s kind of the line in the sand I am drawing when it comes to high capacity transit.”

Since becoming Mayor, though, just as with his stance on strongly opposing tolling Clark County citizens for the bridge, he seems to not really desire giving consideration to what this is going to cost us in Clark County. Instead, after several promises from more than one candidate that would receive a vote on operations & maintenance of light rail, he has supported slapping yet another sales tax increase on us for some time now to pay for it.

Ever the one for political expediency, Mayor Leavitt has erected a smoke screen masking his desire to stick citizens with paying for something they do not want.

October 14, 2011

Proposition 1, Yet Another C-Tran Tax Increase: Yes or No?

by lewwaters

For those who did not see this final portion of last nights candidate forum

C-Tran, Steve Stuart, Tim Leavitt have lied to us, denied us a promised vote, and have shown they do not care what you and I think, struggle through or how inefficiently they operate C-Tran, we’re just endless deep pockets to those who squander what we send them.

They have Millions in reserve, scheduled some $500,000 for a new administrator for more studies, spend a few thousand more to travel to a convention looking over the latest in electric trains and seeking new creative ways to dig deeper into our pockets, all before we are granted the ‘privilege’ of voting on how they plan to waste even more of our hard earned monies.

They announce staff reductions, but their own pamphlets indicate union employees still receive wage increases, while many in Clark County wonder what will happen when unemployment benefits run out and no job prospects exist.

July 22, 2011

No More Money To C-Tran

by lewwaters

It seems every time we turn around, some government related entity is demanding we in the struggling middle class cough up more of what few dollars we have and give it to them. We are being asked to approve more tax to C-Tran, so they can maintain services we are told, pay a 5% entertainment tax so a marginal Class A baseball team will move to Vancouver and a have a shiny new stadium 70% paid for by taxpayers.

Soon we will be asked for yet another tax increase to fund Loot Rail maintenance and operation once they shove that down our throats, face tolls to cross the I-5 bridge, even before construction begins if they get their way and if Leavitt’s cartel gets their way, pay an additional $20 to register our cars to also fund Columbia River Crossing cronies.

Even though we have been mired in deep recession with double digit unemployment for over 2 years now, it seems there is no stopping of the picking our pockets by the elected ruling class. Feeding our families or keeping our homes is our problem, not theirs, apparently.

November 8, 2010

Governor Gregoire Disappointed Voters Didn’t “Help Us Out”

by lewwaters

The arrogance of this woman seems boundless. As the video below shows, at a time of deep economic recession with unemployment remaining excessively high and people unable to afford many basic necessities, she whines to KING 5 TV, “I wish voters had helped us out.”


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