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February 10, 2014

Big Changes For Clark County R3publican Party

by lewwaters

Ron Paul supporters Kenny Smith and Brenda Poletti have won Chair and Vice-chair of the party. Too bad, the party was showing signs of improvement.

This blog is not a part of the new R3PUBLICAN Party and will not support the party, they have their own official mouthpiece.

I will support individuals I feel are worthy of being elected, regardless of party affiliation., conservatism being the determining factor. And I do not mean the Ron Paulian version of what they claim is conservatism.

Elephant 1

UPDATE: No doubt indicative of what to expect, it has taken two weeks to finally place a notice on the R3publican Party website of the leadership change.

December 13, 2012

Lynda Wilson Wins Clark GOP Chair

by lewwaters

Lynda Wilson 3Saw notice on her facebook page just now. Lynda Wilson will take over for Stephanie McClintock as Chair of the Clark County Republican Party.

Vice-Chair will be Steven Nelson.

More to follow later.

Congratulations to the winners.

May 14, 2012

Delegate Vote Challenge in the 18th District Rebutted

by lewwaters

It comes as no surprise that the legal challenge launched, seeking the voiding of the delegates chosen in the 2012 Clark County GOP convention for the 18th Legislative District, amid allegations of irregularities and fraud was not well received by same, most notably the Ron Paul supporters who came out in the majority on delegates and face the danger of not being seated in the State GOP Convention to be held in Tacoma.

As I showed in the previous post, Delegate Vote Challenged, 18th District Could Lose All GOP Delegates, supporters of candidate Mitt Romney were not pleased with the convention outcome and have cried foul to the WSRP, launching the effort to void the delegates selected in the 18th Legislative District.

In a continuance of the exceptional organizational skills seen in Paul’s supporters, that was used to discover the weaknesses in the system and legally exploit them to their advantage, Washington state co-chair for the Ron Paul campaign and Clark County Delegation Chair, Katja Delavar has fired back, along with her husband, former Washougal City Council Member Michael Delavar both drafting their own rebuttals to the challenge and to be sent to the WSRP, here and here.

May 14, 2012

Delegate Vote Challenged, 18th District Could Lose All GOP Delegates

by lewwaters

The fiasco known as the 2012 Clark County GOP Convention may be over, but the results of it are far from done. Irregularities and questionable delegate votes has prompted at least 2 Mitt Romney supporters, who were credentialed delegates from the earlier caucuses to challenge to delegate selection in the 18th Legislative District where Romney, who won the caucus straw poll, ended up with very few delegates, while Ron Paul who didn’t fare well in the caucus came out with the majority of delegates to the state convention.

Much finger pointing and blaming of each other followed the close of the convention that ended up with Clark County Republicans only being able to send 75 delegates and no alternates to the state convention in Tacoma, instead of the allotted 94 delegates and 94 alternates.

There is not much sense in rehashing the blame game here as from where I sit it appears everybody had a share in the blame.

Ron Paul supporters initially received much of the blame, seeing the previously announced “caucus strategy” unfold all across the state and given that he ended up with the bulk of selected delegates after doing poorly in the caucus straw poll.

Clark County GOP Chair Brandon Vick ended up accepting blame for the fiasco.

March 29, 2012

Democrats May as Well Hang a Neon Sign Over Commissioner Boldt’s Head

by lewwaters

Any doubts about the left leaning bias of the Columbian are forever shattered with their orchestrated outrage and coverage given to the in house sanction placed on Clark County, Washington County Commissioner, Marc Boldt. One would have to be so far left they are blinded to reality to not see it.

Since their “breaking news” of the sanctions, put in place in November 2011 nearly 4 months after the fact, we have now seen 4 articles covering the sanction within as many days, 2 yesterday alone. Three achieved front page coverage in the published editions of the paper, Friday March 23, Wednesday March 28 and Thursday March 29.

In comparison, when Democrat Jim Jacks abruptly walked out on constituents in the 49th legislative district one year ago, the Columbian addressed that 5 times, but over a 30 day period without the in depth coverage we see given Boldt. The claim of having no “paper trail” was the given excuse for such slim coverage. We have yet to see any coverage of the well founded rumors associated with inappropriate behavior towards staffer, particularly of the opposite sex in regards to his abrupt resignation.

In less than a week, we know more about what the Columbian claims is the reason for these sanctions placed on Boldt than we know about why Jim Jacks left constituents high & dry in spite of having one year to discover anything.

March 25, 2012

Sanctioning Commissioner Boldt Was the Right Thing for the Clark County GOP To Do

by lewwaters

It was just days ago that the Columbian pretended as if they just now discovered that the Clark County GOP had sanctioned one of their own for his frequent strays from conservatism and selling out our conservative interests to side with liberal Democrats, going against his campaign promises of supporting conservative values. In a nutshell, he frequently voted against the best interests of the citizens in order to further the liberal Democrat agenda.

I have been one of the few willing to stand up for the Clark County GOP, even as party leaders now cower and seem prepared to throw open the doors and re-embrace Marc Boldt, to be decided this Tuesday I am told. Republicans, spineless as they now are, have no need to appease liberal Democrats or suck up to the Columbian, who cannot find a good word to say about them, except for those RINO’s that are more liberal than conservative, such as the current 3rd Congressional District Representative.

In my expressions of defense of the GOP I have made several references to a scathing post against Marc Boldt and why he deserved to be sanctioned that I wrote back in November 2011, but never posted, due to his one time vote against the baseball stadium admissions tax. Below is that post in its entirety with a prediction I made then bolded.

January 4, 2011

GOP Chair That Led Herrera Beutler’s Election Handsomely Rewarded

by lewwaters

It’s no secret that I opposed the election of Jaime Herrera, now to be known by her husband’s name, Jaime Herrera Beutler, as the GOP nominee to replace retiring Democrat Brian Baird as Washington’s 3rd Congressional District Representative. It’s no secret that I resigned my PCO position right after being elected in August and distanced myself from the Clark County GOP due to what I saw as corruption and cronyism in creating an unlevel playing field that heavily favored her.

Herrera Beutler, who brings no substance to the office, won the GOP nomination and ultimately the seat against Democrat Denny Heck, who I also saw as not the best we could offer from our area. I have been accused of “sour grapes” since I no longer support the GOP over the Democrats, both being corrupt and infested with dirty tricks and cronyism in my estimation.

Although my blog is conservative in nature, my support of Republican David Castillo earned me the status of “the enemy” to many Clark County Republican Board Members. A heated exchange with past Clark GOP chair Anna Miller over me and my wife’s reasons for distancing ourselves from the party drew a comment from party chair Ryan Hart that I never saw or experienced anything I know I saw and experienced during the primary campaign.

May 25, 2010

Herrera Says, “That Was A Good Thing”

by lewwaters

Tell us, Jaime, what was so good about Democrats seizing total control of government? What have they improved? Union bail outs? Forced health insurance? Tripling the national debt? Just what was so good about the GOP, the party you wish to represent, being ousted in 2007 and 2009 and granting the Democrats a strangle hold on America?

Or, is this yet another example of your view of, “My husband and I rent. We both drive used cars. We’re not your typical Republican conservative.”

Or, yet another expression of how you feel “There are a lot of things that I think Republicans drop the ball on?”

Herrera Plays Insider, Outsider Cards

So please, Jaime, let us in on just what was such a “good thing,” we’d like to know.

April 7, 2010

Whisper Campaign Against David Castillo Continues

by lewwaters

Weeks ago, several in Clark County were upset over a robo-call by the Castillo Campaign that went out against Jaime Herrera the day she left during a legislative session to attend a special interest fund raiser held on her behalf in Washington D.C.

His campaign was accused of ugliness beyond belief for speaking truthfully and some switched endorsement or co-endorsement to Herrera over it. Others contacted the campaign to say that due to the call, even if David won the nomination, he would receive no support from the Clark County Republican Party itself now.

In discussions and emails with several people, I came under attack as well due to my own opposition to Herrera and not condemning the robo-call.

At the time I mentioned the whisper campaign ongoing against Castillo, I was deluged with emails accusing me of making it up, not knowing what I was talking about, being a RINO, being a Herrera hater and what have you, accompanied with comments of no one else had ever heard any of it.

Or so many of them said.

Last evening, while attending the Craig Riley kickoff campaign, I didn’t have to over hear anything, it was brought straight to my face by a long time Republican I respect when I was confronted for my “Republican against Republican” posts documenting my stand on Jaime.

I allowed this person to go on while commenting on the issues I have with Jaime Herrera and have posted. Admitting the SEIU “thing” was mistake for Jaime to have made was followed with words along the line of, “you should hear all the stuff I hear about David Castillo.”

I asked, “such as” and the person began with rumors of the sort of, “I’ve heard he’s even gay.” (He isn’t)

After a moment, I asked this person if they realized what they had just done and received the reply of, “no, what?”

I reminded them of the time of the robo-call, the anger of the few in the Republican Party here and the denials of the whisper campaign I had over heard and then added, “you just confirmed and proved such a campaign exists” by spreading those rumors yourself.

I then reminded this person that if I make a claim in a post, I document it. I do not deal in rumors or innuendo, which they admitted I do not. My posts might not be always well liked, but they are not based upon unproven or wild rumors.

I understand Jaime is a party insider favorite and considered a local girl. I see that as a very poor attribute to qualify anyone for selection as representative. I have raised questions on her judgment she has yet to answer. A snow-job memo by a young campaign manager is not an answer nor is it an explanation on questionable votes.

My comments sections are almost always open to all, with rare exception and comments are rarely deleted. Anyone is welcome to challenge me on my views and I try to debate, based upon documented facts, not rumors.

If you are really all that concerned about the Republican on Republican, shouldn’t you begin by stopping the whisper campaign yourself or if you are approached with it, tell THAT person about the 11th commandment?

If not, then consider yourselves no better than all of the sister Better Than Yous’ sitting in the rear pews of the Church every Sunday and who can’t wait to spread the latest gossip about anybody they can, without a care of how it might hurt that person or those they love.

Proverbs 18:7 A fool’s mouth is his ruin, And his lips are the snare of his soul. 8 The words of a whisperer are like dainty morsels, And they go down into the innermost parts of the body.

I’m not naïve enough to think every one will support David Castillo, that isn’t realistic. But if all you have against him is wild rumors, innuendo and gossip, perhaps it isn’t me who needs to rethink who they support.

In continuing this gossip and whisper campaign against Castillo, not only is it you that is speaking ill of a good Republican, you are slandering a man of faith as well.

If this is what the Republican Party has devolved to, then perhaps I need to reassess my involvement in it, just as I had to leave Churches years ago over all the slander, gossip and hurtful rumors coming out of those rear pews.

Who am I? I have no respect for justice. I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives. I am cruel and malicious and gather strength with age. The more I am quoted, the more I am believed. I flourish at every level of society. My victims are helpless. They cannot protect themselves against me because I have no name and no face. To track me down is impossible. The harder you try, the more elusive I become. I’m nobody’s friend. Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never the same. I topple governments and ruin marriages. I destroy careers and cause heartache and sleepless nights. I wreck churches and separate Christians. I spawn suspicion and generate grief, make innocent people cry on their pillows. Even my name hisses. I am gossip.”

April 6, 2010

Craig Riley Kicks Off Campaign to Unseat Jim “Da Taxman” Moeller

by lewwaters

Quite a few people came to the Brickhouse Bar & Grill on Main and Mill Plain this evening to meet Vancouver businessman, Craig Riley and wish him well in his campaign to unseat current 49th Legislative District Representative, Jim Moeller, also known as “Da Taxman,” due to his love of taxing the residents he is supposed to be representing.

Craig Riley has been in our community for over 20 years, having moved here in 1988 with his lovely wife, Sally and their 4 children, establishing Riley Financial, a benefit advisory business specializing in providing health and retirement plans to individuals and small businesses. Additionally, Craig gives weekly seminars on healthcare issues; helps senior citizens make informed decisions and works with local businesses to maximize health care benefits and minimize costs.

Perhaps knowing that, or people in the 49th really are getting fed up with Moeller’s incessant desire and calls for newer taxes and increased spending, accounts for the high turnout at the Brickhouse this evening.

With people coming and going it was difficult to get an accurate count, but the north side room was filled to capacity with more standing outside the doorway as Craig and guests spoke.

Representative Ed Orcutt, of the 18th Legislative District stopped in and although he made no call for donations, since he is still in an ongoing legislative session, spoke highly of Craig and informed us of what is going on in Olympia.

It boils down to the current struggle between Democrats in the House and Democrats in the Senate arguing over where and how much more to raise our taxes, having gutted the citizen inspired initiative I-960 that limited their ability to freely raise our taxes.

Craig’s Pastor spoke of his involvement with the youth groups.

Craig gave an inspiring talk of why he is running and how what Olympia is currently doing is hurting us even more in the economic turmoil we face and some of the highest unemployment numbers in the communities history.

We can no longer afford to just sit back and let elected officials like Jim Moeller dictate to us and rob us blind for pet spending projects. We simply cannot afford it any longer.

Craig Riley, as a successful businessman, has the expertise to provide “responsible representation in Olympia to stop the ‘tax and spend’ agenda of elected representatives, like Jim Moeller who have turned a deaf ear to the concerns of the people they are supposed to represent.”

Several others rose to speak of Craig and his abilities, but none were so well received as his young nephew, Brandon.

In addition to Representative Orcutt, County Commissioner Marc Boldt came. Others of note who came to support Craig were candidates, Peter van Nortwick, Brandon Vick and Washougal City Council member, Jon Russell. My apologies if I missed any others.

We need to get serious if we wish to continue, or should I say return to the lifestyles we have enjoyed in the 49th Legislative District for sometime now. The excessive spending and taxation coming out of Olympia, on top of that we see hitting us from Washington D.C. affects all of us, Democrat, Republican or Independent. None of us are immune. Jim Moeller’s misfeasance with our tax dollars is a betrayal of the trust voters have placed in him.

He, along with the rest of the Democrats currently in control, has not given any indication they understand or care about our plight. They only care about where they can squeeze us next, be it a tax on bottled water, tobacco tax increases or beer, as they are now discussing.

For all of their “tax the wealthy” rhetoric, can you not see the taxes they are adding on the products used mostly by the middle class and poorer people? Can you not see Jim Moeller is helping to take more of your money when you need it to care for your own families?

As Craig stated, he needs all of us helping. Donations will be needed to end this tax and spend spree. Understanding that donations will be difficult, Craig also will need volunteers who can devote a little time to putting up yard signs in legal areas, speaking to neighbors, calling friends and helping him get the word out about the out of control spending he will work to curb.

With your help, Craig Riley will be able to begin helping us take back control of our own lives and our state government.

Please visit and get to know Craig.

It is time to oust “Da Taxman.”

January 31, 2010

Clark County GOP Central Committee Meeting January 2010

by lewwaters

2010 is off to a good beginning if the Clark County Republican Party’s Central Committee Meeting held Saturday, January 30, 2010 is any indicator. The enthusiasm of the large gathering of attending PCO’s and observers filled the room at Green Meadows as Party Chairman Ryan Hart called the meeting to order at 9:35 A.M.

Chairman Hart took role call and determined a quorum was present to proceed with Party Business.

Reports from State Committee Representatives were given indicating the party is drawing candidates to challenge vulnerable Democrats and acknowledging that we need to recruit quality candidates from within the 49th Legislative District for offices.

Any interested in running for any office should contact the Clark County Republican Party or your PCO and we will be more than happy to discuss your candidacy.

Also discussed was the coming GOP Caucuses on Saturday, February 13 and the Clark County GOP Convention to be held Saturday, March 20 at Prairie High School. All Republicans in the County are invited and urged to attend at least the caucuses where delegates will be chosen for the County Convention and State Convention held this year in Vancouver on June 10 – 12 and featuring noted conservative columnist, radio and TV personality, Michelle Malkin as keynote speaker and former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

To find the location of your precinct caucus, please visit the Clark County GOP website, PRECINCT CAUCUS MEETING LOCATIONS.

As the meeting progressed, Campaign for Liberty’s Katja Delavar, also a PCO, made a Point of Order inquiry asking if the fine levied last year on the Washington State GOP was going to cost the Clark County GOP funds, indicating the possibility of the State Party going bankrupt.

State Committeeman, Brent Boger, Vancouver City Attorney and candidate for Clark County Prosecutor answered that the decision to fine the State Party is under appeal and that the judgment does not include the Clark County GOP, therefore it will have no effect on the State Convention or the County GOP.

The highlight of Saturdays PCO meeting had to be the outstanding number of current candidates present to introduce them selves and speak of their vision for the offices each is seeking.

David Castillo, running for the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Brian Baird, the first candidate to file to run last year was present and made an inspiring speech of his qualifications and visions for the office.

Next up was current 18th Legislative District State Representative, Jaime Herrera speaking of how the GOP began losing when “they became part of the establishment” of Washington D.C. Ms. Herrera, who spent 11 years in Washington D.C. prior to returning to her native Clark County late in 2007 to receive the appointment to replace Richard Curtis, hopes to be elected and return to Washington D.C.

Jon Russell, also running for the seat being vacated by Baird gave the next speech. Jon claims to be running on a platform of self-imposed term limit and refusal to accept either a pension or government supplied healthcare. A small but loud contingent of supporters in the back of the room seemed to indicate approval, at least from them.

David Hedrick, who made National News in August 2009 when he confronted Congressman Baird at the Clark County Town Hall arrived late, but did appear and also spoke before the crowd. For many it was the first time they were able to hear him. He spoke of how the video of the confrontation has been viewed all over the world that although he initially considered a 3rd party run to replace Baird, he realized it was not the way to go, if we are to turn the country away from socialism.

Prior to David’s arrival, Peter Van Nortwick, candidate for Clark County Assessor spoke on the problems he sees and mistakes made in our homes being assessed for property taxes and how he would do property assessments to ensure each homeowner paid just their fair share.

Campaign for Liberty’s Katja Delavar was called to the lectern for a scheduled discussion on a proposed resolution to support Ron Paul’s bill, HR 1207/S 604 on auditing the Federal Reserve. A lively discussion and questions ensued, some of which Ms. Delavar was unable to answer.

Although I personally have been in support of auditing the Fed, questions of whether or not the bill would increase the size of government in the GAO and a statement by another PCO of many not being adequately educated on the subject, I felt compelled to change my position to give time to become more educated on the matter.

The resolution passed by a large margin.

Ms. Delavar also introduced new business by making a motion to allow persons who desired to serve on the Convention Committee to “self-nominate.” The ensuing discussion showed this was not necessary as all who desire to serve on committees are given consideration.

The motion was tabled.

State Senator Don Benton was present and gave his usual talk that really fires up the room. He spoke of how this is a good year to be Republican and hopes of seeing Republicans candidates elected this year.

Sheriff Gary Lucas expressed his thanks to Party Members for their support over his time in office followed by County Auditor, Greg Kimsey running for reelection.

Brian Peck, candidate for the 17th Legislative District Representative spoke of recreating jobs, holding taxes down and stopping deficit spending.

Craig Williams, hoping to unseat Democrat Senator Patty Murray was unable to attend due to conflicting scheduling, but his wife and campaign manager Karen spoke on his behalf.

Next up were candidates for the 18th Legislative District Representative hoping to replace the seat currently held by Jaime Herrera, who will be stepping down in her run to replace Brian Baird.

Ann Rivers was out of town and unable to speak, but candidates Bob Dean, Shannon Barnett and Brian Vick all spoke of their vision for the state.

Brent Boger spoke to the group on his hopes of being the next County Prosecutor and how changes must be made, both in prosecuting criminals, especially sexual predators to keep them off of our streets and running the Prosecutors office will a cut in funding.

The meeting was adjourned and smaller groups assembled of each Legislative District PCO’s with their District Chairs.

In all it was one of the more inspiring meetings I have attended. The Clark County GOP PCO’s were well represented Saturday and the attendance of so many candidates shows that Clark County is a major player in upcoming elections.

2010 is shaping up to be a very good year to be a member of the Republican Party, giving the recently adopted Party motto, “BE THE PARTY” real meaning. The Clark County Republican Party is on the move and growing, thanks to the efforts of Chairman Ryan Hart and all who serve on the Executive Committee and of course, our Precinct Committee Officers.

I hope to see many of you at the caucuses on February 13.

September 20, 2009

Bill Turlay For Vancouver City Council

by lewwaters

Turlay - 1

Vancouver resident Bill Turlay is running for Vancouver City Council position 1 against former council member, Jack Burkman.

Bill will bring with him values learned along the way in his many years service to America as a Naval Aviator and some 30 years in business. His common sense voice and ideas will be a welcome addition to the city council to counter Vancouver’s downward spiral into economic morass.

Bill is well known for testimonies given before Vancouver’s city council and various legislative committees both in Oregon and Washington, giving him a well-rounded view of changes we must make in order to return Vancouver to sound financial footing.

A July 31 Columbian editorial took delight in denigrating Mr. Turlay and his conservative values accusing him of “pounding on the table” and “yelling at the TV screen.” Oddly, they called him “lackluster” then went on to speak of his “passion.”

They rightfully acknowledge that Bill is the only candidate to oppose extending light rail into Clark County from Portland, Oregon. Ignored was that at last vote, Clark County voters rejected light rail by a 2 to 1 margin, placing Bill in line with the majority of voters in Clark County.

Only Bill Turlay is pointing out that Light Rail is not feasible for Clark County at this time and that costs of building it and a replacement I-5 bridge as currently planned will unfairly saddle Clark County residents with the costs and fees through tolls. With Light Rail, not only would we pay for it, payment for the few riding it would go to Portland, not remain in Clark County.

The September 19, 2009 Columbian acknowledges the rightful concerns Bill has by quoting him in urging the Columbia River Crossing officials to compare costs of bridge designs being considered. Bill said, “We need to have some type of comparison of what we are paying for this beautiful new structure as opposed to a simple one that does the job.”

Bill obviously realizes that taxpayers do not have endlessly deep pockets to keep being tapped.

Bill is running against former council member, Jack Burkman who left 7 years ago over personal reasons no one could fault him for.

Still, that is 7 years off the council and while I applaud him for placing family above politics, you cannot just start back up where you left off 7 years ago in today’s charged and economic troubled climate.

In these tough economic times, we need voices that can be critical of proposed tax increases and unneeded tolls, not another who will just rubber stamp such proposals.

Turlay sees the importance of spending more time and money in supporting local small businesses rather than expending those efforts in wooing international businesses, our local small businesses being the backbone of our community.

In acknowledging his own “think outside the box” attitude, Bill says, “Vancouver voters need to elect council members who are averse to increasing city debt. We need to be working to attract new small businesses, retaining the small businesses we have, strive to reduce our citizen’s tax burden, and be actively engaged in responding to citizens’ concerns.”

Vancouver is currently nearly $250 Million in debt with no foreseeable way to repay that debt.

We need elected officials that are willing to put the brakes on out of control spending, borrowing and raising of taxes on an already over burdened taxpayer. We need representatives that will place us first over high profile international businesses who don’t really offer that many high paying jobs.

We need representatives with business experience who know how to balance a budget, make tough decisions and who have a sense of serving the country and its citizens.

Vancouver, who we need sitting on the city council is Bill Turlay.

September 20, 2009

Benton Endorses Castillo, Russell Outlines Campaign

by lewwaters

Saturday saw the quarterly Clark County Republican Party Central Committee Meeting called to order at Club Green Meadows by Party Chair, Ryan Hart. Those in attendance were to be treated to a very good meeting and receipt of much information that was not only interesting but also relevant to Clark County.

State Senator for the 17th Legislative District Don Benton made an appearance telling of progress made for Republicans in the State Senate and announcing his endorsement of David Castillo for the Third Congressional District Representative, the seat currently held by Democrat Brian Baird.

Of interest was his noting that Baird had claimed he supported term limits of 12 years and as 2010 will be Baird’s 12th year, will he remain true to his word. Baird is said to have answered, when asked about that, “we’ll let the voters decide,” showing he is not thinking of remaining true to his word.

Chairman Hart announced that in addition to columnist Michelle Malkin speaking at the 2010 Washington State GOP convention to be held here in Clark County, former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney has also been signed up to speak.

Sean Salazar was present and gave a very motivated speech in regards his candidacy against US Senator Patty Murray, outlining his desire to return to conservative values that have built America and telling all the conservative message needs taken to those who like us least as they have been misinformed about conservatism and many discover their values are what we share.

He congratulated Clark County on the work and growth of the Republican Party but acknowledged the counties in the Puget Sound area have been lacking and it is they who have been holding back the conservative message in Washington.

Craig Williams, also hoping to unseat Murray, was present and outlined his visions and experience for the office and his candidacy in his own speech to all.

Brian Peck, candidate for 17th District Representative announced the launching of his campaign to be held September 25 2009 at an event to be held at the Cameo Café located at Club Green Meadows at 7 PM. Special guest will be Portland Oregon radio host Lars Larson. More information may be found at Elect Brian Peck.

Lisa Schmidt, a member of the Clark GOP Executive Board announced launching of our new party slogan, “Be The Party,” an effort to remind Clark County residents that they are the party, not just PCO’s and Board Members.

Also speaking was candidate Peter Van Nortwick, running for Clark County Assessor, a seat now held for quite some time by Linda Franklin. Van Nortwick, himself a Certified General Assessor outlined how Clark County Properties are often over assessed and how tools and technology available to give fair assessment are currently not in use.

Bill Turlay spoke of his candidacy for Vancouver City Council and how tolls proposed for a replacement bridge over the Columbia River will place an unfair financial load on Clark County residents who work in Portland while leaving Portland residents paying for very little of any proposed replacement bridge.

Bill Turlay is a man the Vancouver City Council needs. More on Bill coming in the future.

Brent Boger introduced a resolution expressing our displeasure at Brian Baird hypocritically voting to censure S.C. Rep. Joe Wilson for his own inappropriate outburst at Barack Obama after Baird’s own inappropriate comments towards constituents over the summer.

Baird stated often that he had apologized for his comments, considering the matter closed, yet condemned Wilson even after he personally apologized to Obama and the apology was accepted.

The resolution was adopted unanimously.

Clark County’s own Jon Russell spoke late in the meeting announcing his campaign of “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.”

He spoke of his experience on the Washougal City Council and his clinics, soon opening a second clinic. He outlined the success of the clinics by relying on charitable organizations and churches instead of government. He stated his preference for term limits, vowing to only serve 6 years, should he be elected.

Uncalled for in his speech was a subtle but obvious slap towards David Castillo when he said words to the effect of any candidate can speak of work in the government that may have done and that he was the only candidate to make the effort to speak at the Tax protest held in Olympia September 12.

David was in Washington D.C. on that particular day.

I hope Jon’s campaign will rely more on his positives than trying to tear down other Republicans running for the same seat.

In all we had a very informative meeting as the Clark County GOP is growing in a positive direction under the chairmanship and visions of Ryan Hart.

My apologies to any I may have skipped over, but the meeting was very active and many gave information very relevant to all.

2010 is shaping up to be a very active year and a good year to be Republican. Information on upcoming events and ongoing programs to better Clark County may be found at Clark County GOP.

Remember, Clark County, “Be The Party.”

August 7, 2009

Where is Baird? KATU Report

by lewwaters
June 1, 2009

Debbie Peterson Adds Her Support To Commissioner Mielke

by lewwaters

Debbie Peterson, Republican Candidate against Democrat Jim Jacks in last years election for hte 49th Legislative District Position One, joins in with Nancy De Leo in support of Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke.

Ms. Peterson says:

My thoughts: The illegal alien issue is a concern for all Americans who believe that sovereign nations have a right to protect their borders. For those who do not subscribe to that philosophy, they must then, by default, believe that America does not have a right to its own sovereignty. These two diametrically opposing views reach to the core of how America defines itself. It very well may be that this is the lynch pin debate that serves as the platform and will drive the outcome of many of our state/national debates.* The United States Constitution vests sovereignty in the Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the President, the fifty States, and ultimately, in We the People (Ted Cruz). The illegal alien undermines our sovereignty at every level. All countries, including our own, make provisions for securing their borders. There is an unspoken rationality for it, but there is also, in our U.S. Constitution, an implied demand for it.

Unfortunately, our U.S. Congressmen/women have chosen to usurp their powers. They ignore their primary charge, which is, according to the U.S. Constitution, to defend the citizens of this country. Our elected officials cower under the fear of being called racists, cower under the fear of losing campaign contributions, cower under the fear of losing elections, and in the meantime we are losing America. U.S. Congressmen/women by their abdication of Art.4, Sect.4, have thrown this extremely serious policy issue onto the states. Look at California. One year ago, 33 hospitals had closed under the burgeoning weight of illegal alien medical care. California’s deficits are staggering. People are hemorrhaging to other states as they see services decline and school’s fail (in spite of high teacher salaries, low classroom size, and school funding increases of nearly 10 percent between the 2003-04 and 2006-07 school years, while student enrollment declined by more than 30,000.)(1) In part, California’s politicians’ open border policy has crippled its government, rendering it impotent in its ability to protect the very people for whom they pledged to serve. They lied.

Commissioner Mielke is accurate, when he acknowledges the illegal alien problem. To assume it does not exist in Clark County is naïve. To assume that it will not affect our services, schools, and law enforcement in this community is a costly assumption, as Californians can attest to. Commissioner Mielke is doing what most politicians will not do. He is applying the scientific process to social issues. It is empiricism and not racism that is motivating his statements. Mr. Mielke understands the problem, has looked at statewide data, and has arrived at a conclusion, driven by the data. His policy suggestion was inevitable, given the data. The fact that he actually has the nerve to voice it, and attempt policy, to correct it, is refreshing. Unfortunately, “policy as usual” is driven by the politics, not by the data and not by what is best for citizens. These politically correct policies are almost always detrimental to American culture and the community.

What a refreshing change to have policy driven by facts. What a refreshing change to have a public servant who is actually serving us, and has taken up the banner of the tax payers’ plight.

*November 2009 candidates’ policies on illegal aliens issues vis-à-vis identity theft, drugs, overcrowded jails, health care, crime, loss of citizen jobs, lowering of citizen wages, and homeland security need to be measured against this plumbline: that is, the U.S. Constitution’s, and Washington State’s constitutional (Art.1, Sect.2). support for sovereignty protection If candidate policies do not support that, they do not deserve our vote.

(1) Vicki E. Murray, Pacific Research Institute

In these times of severe economic recession and with the ever-increasing unemployment rate, rising taxes to pay for programs for those that enter our country ILLEGALLY, it is refreshing to see people speak out on this egregious usurpation of our law.

Is it really so much to ask that our laws be honored and immigrants desiring the American Dream follow our laws and enter the country LEGALLY?

Or, do we just declare the entire population of the planet Americans and bring the in excess of 5 Billion people populating the earth into America to take advantage of our safety net?

It is neither racist nor selfish to take care of our own people in need and expect others to obtain entrance LEGALLY, just as they expect of us when we travel to their countries.

February 22, 2009

Republicans, Still Standing Up For You

by lewwaters

Published in the February 26, 2009 Vancouver Voice

The eulogies given for the Clark County GOP after the results of the last election are indeed premature. While we didn’t gain seats in the legislature and even lost one, 4 incumbents retained their seats and are gladly taking a stand to give you real relief, not plunge you further into debt or tax you more than you already are.

The issue of upgrading the I-5 bridge remains a hot issue with some deciding we will have Portland’s Light Rail, like it or not. The former Mayor of Portland, Tom Potter and Vancouver’s Mayor, Royce Pollard both are on record as desiring to “force people out of their cars.”

Currently, Senator Craig Pridemore (D) has a bill proposed, SB 5540, that places the final decision for adding Light Rail into Clark County in the hands of just a portion of Clark County voters, while voters in the entire county would be taxed to support and maintain the extension of Portland’s Max Line into Vancouver.

Clark County voters rejected this extension by a 2 to 1 vote years ago, but our Democrat officials seem ready to force it on us. As a January 10, 2009 Oregonian article put it, “Light rail is coming to Vancouver. Deal with it.”

In a reply to me, Senator Pridemore said, “the ultimate decisions regarding the configuration of the I-5 Bridge as well as any local tax options that will be part of it will be made by locally elected officials and local voters.” Sounds reasonable enough, but only technically correct.

Senator Don Benton (R) further clarifies SB 5540 and states, “the locally elected officials mentioned are not directly accountable to the voters of Clark County. The CTRAN board of directors is what is known as a federated board, not directly elected but appointed from various bodies throughout the county.”

Senator Benton also tells me, “SB 5540 does not clarify where or what size the taxing district will be, that will be left up to the CTRAN board of directors, a body that is not directly accountable to the voters.”

In looking out for Clark County taxpayers, Senator Benton has proposed SB 6040 “that calls for a county wide public vote before any more state money is spent on the Columbia River Crossing Project.”

At a time of such economic turmoil, shouldn’t we voters and taxpayers be given a clear voice in deciding a multi-billion dollar expenditure that is projected to only benefit some 3 percent of those who cross the Columbia River daily?

Governor Gregoire and Senators Murray and Cantwell are eagerly looking forward to receiving hundreds of millions of our tax dollars returned to us under the federal stimulus plan to help with transportation projects. Do you really believe Clark County would receive much of that money over King County’s Alaska Way Viaduct project?

Senator Benton is not alone in looking out for citizens of Clark County as Representative Jaimie Herrera, recalling the violation of New Orleans citizens Second Amendment rights after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when all legal guns were illegally confiscated from law-abiding citizens, leaving them virtually defenseless against roving looters and gang members, has proposed a bill, HB 1832, to “repeal the prerogative of the Governor, upon declaring a state of emergency, to prohibit private citizens from carrying firearms on their person, away from their home of residence, during the declared state of emergency.”

In such a state or emergency, when the authorities would be extremely busy and over taxed, who would protect us but ourselves?

As Democrats work to impose higher taxes on us instead of identifying waste and cutting it out, the few Republicans we still have in the legislature stand fast in trying to protect our rights and income.

When the next election rolls around, look at who stood up for us versus who stood for the state and choose accordingly.

January 25, 2009

Luke Esser Re-Elected, Brent Boger on Exec Board

by lewwaters

Luke Esser Re-Elected as WSRP Chairman, Asks Clark County Chairman to Make Nomination.

Boger elected to WSRP Executive Board.

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser was re-elected as the party’s chairman at the Republican reorganizational meeting in Tukwila on Saturday. Esser was nominated for the position by Clark County Republican Party Chairman, Ryan Hart.

“Chairman Esser called me on Thursday asking if I would nominate him and deliver the nomination speech,” Hart said. “I considered it a real honor to be asked by the Chairman to make the nomination.” He said.

Hart said he was impressed by the level of support Mr. Esser gave the Clark County Republican Party throughout the 2008 election cycle. “Luke recognizes the importance of Clark County to Republican success in Washington,” Hart said. “He provided a tremendous amount of assistance to our local party in 2008 and even came down to knock on doors for Tom Mielke during our post-election day ballot curing process,” Hart said.

Ballot curing is the process of rehabilitating irregular ballots due to voters not signing the back flap of their mailed ballot or a mismatched signature. In these cases the voter’s ballot is not counted unless and until the voter submits an affidavit to correct the situation. Both parties attempted to rehabilitate ballots in the County Commissioners race between Republican Tom Mielke and Democrat Pam Brokaw.

Republicans cured over two hundred ballots in the commissioner’s race. Tom Mielke won the race by a total of 209 votes.

Clark County Republican State Committeeman Brent Boger was also elected to serve on the WSRP Executive Board. Both Esser and Boger were unopposed and won by unanimous votes of acclamation.


In 2008 Washington was the only state carried by Obama that saw Republicans gain seats in both the State House and State Senate, and was the first year since 1994 the Republicans gained seats in both the State House and Senate.

Rob McKenna received more votes than any Republican candidate in state history.

Republicans re-elected all three incumbent Members of Congress from Washington. Our neighbor States of Idaho lost one Republican Congressman and Oregon lost U.S. Senator Gordon Smith.

Republicans now control the legislative branch of 3 of the 5 largest counties in the state (Pierce, Spokane and Clark).

SOURCE: Clark County Republican Party

November 13, 2008


by lewwaters

Received in email last evening:


Tom Mielke increased his lead to 187 votes over Pam Brokaw on Wednesday. Approximately 400 ballots remain to be counted. If Mielke holds on, Republicans will have the majority on the Clark County Board of Commissioners for the first time in 30 years! Along with the positive numbers for Mielke, every Clark County Republican incumbent was re-elected this year.

On election night, Mielke trailed Brokaw by about a 5,000 vote margin. Mielke had closed the gap to 633 votes by Thursday of election week, and had moved in front with a 78 vote lead by the end of the day last Friday. Mielke’s numbers have increased every day in the late counting since Election Day.

We are continuing to monitor this race and the ballot count very closely.

Thank you for all your work on behalf of our candidates and the Clark County Republican Party.

Ryan Hart
Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

Good news for all, after the dismal elections November 4. Let’s hope the lead holds and we Republicans can finally have a voice in Clark County.

November 8, 2008

Washington Post Admits Left Winged Media Bias

by lewwaters

cowardly-lionDeborah Howell, of the Washington Post, penned a stunning admission in today’s paper titled, An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage.

In her article she outlines the lopsided coverage in favor of Liberal Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama over Moderate Republican, John Sydney McCain. We bloggers on the right have known this all along, but when mentioned, we were just poo pooed by the left and members of the media as hate mongers, out of touch or what have you.

In showing the lack of true Journalistic coverage, Howell states, “The Post was deficient in stories that reported more than the two candidates trading jabs,” admitting that issues of both candidates were lacking.

The assistant managing editor for politics, Bill Hamilton, is quoted as saying,

I don’t at all discount the importance of issues, but we had a larger purpose, to convey and explain a campaign that our own David Broder described as the most exciting he has ever covered, a narrative that unfolded until the very end. I think our staff rose to the occasion.”

Isn’t it the “issues” that we voters must know in order to make informed decisions on who to vote for to best lead the nation? And, what is the “larger purpose” he mentions? Prove we are not racists by electing a totally inexperienced person to the highest office in the world just because he is a minority?

With all the calls from European nations during the campaign that America ‘must’ do so, when does Europe prove their end to racism by installing a Black leader in any one of their countries? After all, the slavery that once existed in America was brought from those same European nations that have never in their history had a Black leader.

The most stunning admission by Ms. Howell, though, is,

But Obama deserved tougher scrutiny than he got, especially of his undergraduate years, his start in Chicago and his relationship with Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who was convicted this year of influence-peddling in Chicago. The Post did nothing on Obama’s acknowledged drug use as a teenager.”

Neither did the rest of the lamestream media, Ms. Howell.

As I wrote in Lamestream Media Royally Screws America, “We learned more about Sarah Palin’s choice of eyeliner over the first weekend she was selected than we still know about B HO.”

Neither Ms. Howell nor any one else from the media has issued anything remotely resembling an apology for their gross negligence in performing their duty as Journalists to adequately inform the public. Such gross negligence on the job would get most of us fired from our jobs, yet they will just continue masquerading Op Eds as Journalism and selecting what the public reads and is entitled to know.

I am left pondering now if our own financially troubled Columbian will rub our noses into the mud also and admit they were in the tank for local Democrat candidates and ignored obvious deficiencies in their abilities?

Missing in their “coverage” was many gaffes and admissions of local candidates from the Democrat side and ignoring strengths of some Republican candidates.

Nowhere was this more prevalent than in the race to replace retiring Bill Fromhold between Jim Jacks and Debbie Peterson. After Jacks openly admitted to not having a clue of what to do in regards to our states financial troubles and Debbie outlined ideas to solve it, attempts by this writer to inform Clark County voters in the 49th Legislative District were continually blocked by editing portions of comments and letters that stated that.

While the media did not totally get their way in a Democrat clean sweep, they helped elect enough to have a major impact upon our future, which just may bankrupt us all with increased fees, higher taxes and more restrictions on our constitutional liberties.

It is little wonder that so many media sources are experiencing declining profits and having to lay people off. Ever so gradually, readers are turning away from the propaganda laced media and relying on alternative news sources or just ignoring news altogether.

That presents even more dangers for American voters.

Never before has the comment credited to Mark Twain, “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed,” been so true.

November 3, 2008

An Urgent Video Message From Clark County GOP Chairman

by lewwaters

Dear Republicans:

This is it! Just one day until Election Day and we are now in the fight to the finish.

I would, first of all, like to remind you to turn in your ballot. Remember to vote the whole ballot, and support our local candidates. Did you know that in 2004 Clark County had one of the State’s highest drop-offs in votes between the Presidential Race and the Gubernatorial Race? Thousands more who were eligible to vote, simply didn’t. Clark County could have made the difference in electing Dino Rossi as Governor four years ago.

Don’t let this happen again. Let’s do everything we can in the final 24 to 36 hours to get Dino Rossi Elected. Let’s do everything we can to get our local candidates elected. We have an opportunity to elect a GOP majority to the Board of County Commissioners. Our candidates for Senate and the State Legislature need your help. Every Republican on the ballot is counting on you!

The Polls are narrowing in the final days of the Presidential Race. On Sunday, November 2, the IBD/TIPP poll had McCain and Obama in a statistical tie. The IBD/TIPP Poll won the title of “Nation’s Most Accurate Pollster,” for the 2004 Presidential Election.

We need your help in closing hours. Our Victory Office will be open, making get out the vote calls, until 7:00 PM on Election Night. Please volunteer today. Call 425-971-9291, or stop by the Victory office at 3925 NE 72nd Ave, Ste 104, to help us with our critical Get-Out-The-Vote effort on Monday and Tuesday.

Our candidates are counting on you. Please help us in our FIGHT TO THE FINISH!

Ryan Hart

Chairman, Clark County Republican Party


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