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Clark County Conservative was started by Lew Waters, a conservative Viet Nam Veteran living in Hazel Dell. My intent is to give a voice for conservative views in Clark County and Southwest Washington that has long been missing with the biased media.

I don’t pretend to know everything nor do I claim any special honors or education, just a blue collar guy tired of seeing the country he fought for spit on by its own citizens and the conservatism that made America the great country she is ridiculed, marginalized and demonized.

With allegiance to neither political party, the intent of this blog was to speak out on issues elected officials and the so-called newspaper of record prefer to remain hidden.

When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber – Winston Churchill

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Comments in disagreement are welcomed, but please, act like an adult when commenting. Comments filled with vulgar, foul language, racist remarks, personal attacks, filibustering, bullying or off topic unrelated material will be deleted at my sole discretion.

If you wonder why so little blogging any longer, thug members of the Clark County Republican Party began a smear campaign from the shadows against this blog and me personally because light was shed on their secretive effort at an underhanded  back room dealing and that I refuse to support Lisa Ross, seeing her a completely non starter. For the effort, I have smeared and even had a death threat and call for physical harm be brought upon me by thugs From the Clark County R3publican Party.

Threat Death Warrant

Wrong is wrong, doesn’t matter who does it. I will not allow myself to be controlled by thugs connected with the Clark County R3publican Party or a false prophet County Commissioner.

To control spam, comments shut off after a length of time on all posts. If you do wish to comment, remember This is not a free speech zone.

All posts are copyrighted by Lew Waters and may not be reproduced in full or part without authors permission.

CONTACT: lewwaters@gmail.com


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