Who Is David Castillo?

by lewwaters

David Castillo, Republican candidate for the Washington State 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by retiring Democrat, Brian Baird has had my support for over a year, ever since I met him, talked with him face to face and performed an email interview that I first wrote about at Castillo For Congress, 3rd District, Washington State.

He is a man of conviction and a strong conservative who embraces his faith. He has held a clear and consistent stand on issues that we all hold dear.

He has been subjected to some of the dirtiest politics from opponents within his own party, who can’t compare to him in experience or a clear articulation of the pertinent issues. Supporters of weaker candidates who enjoy the party establishment favor or who have a history of brash confrontations once launched a whisper campaign against him last year with some very rude and untruthful allegations.

A party chair, who has no problem maligning David, even wrote and posted an article calling for a stop to what she labeled “attacks” and to “elect republicans.” Of course, her idea of an “attack” was exposing her candidate’s actual record, while she uses the post for throwing a little mud at a large group who had endorsed David Castillo and David himself.

Recently, supporters of another candidate who has a questionable Military history that he has made claims of have decided to take videos of David and “edit” them to make David look like a person far different than what he is.

At forums, David Castillo clearly displays his command of and knowledge of the current issues, having served in sub-cabinet level positions within the Department of Veterans of Affairs and Department of Homeland Security under the Bush administration. He also served in the United States Navy during the Reagan years.

No other candidate in race can provide a résumé that compares, so opposition supporters must resort to such underhanded tactics, instead of standing on their own qualifications.

In a rare move for a candidate, this conduct has prompted David to bare his soul to the public.

David Castillo: Who I Am

If we really wish to see the possibility of a Republican winning the 3rd Congressional District seat, David Castillo is the one who can do it.

It isn’t an “attack” to openly discuss or speak of an opponent’s whole voting record in the legislature, or to being into question another’s claims of Military Service that just doesn’t add up.

It is information voters are entitled to in forming an appropriate opinion of who to vote for.

David Castillo was the first to begin campaigning against Brian Baird in May 2009. He has been traveling the district since then, letting people know who he is and what he stands for. Unlike another who seems to live on name recognition only, while dismissing highly questioning votes on bills that are contrary to conservative beliefs, he has been building his support and his campaign the old fashioned way, one voter at a time.

He didn’t wait for the incumbent to announce retirement before throwing his hat in the ring.

He didn’t depend on a 3 minute confrontational video, while hiding from another video where the action was thrown back.

He did not receive instant backing from the party machine establishment.

No, he went out and sought support when it was thought to be a hard run against an entrenched incumbent.

He deserves better than what he has received from the Republican Party since he stood up for them and for us in seeking to bring this long held Democrat seat over to the GOP.

If you don’t already have a clear idea of who David Castillo is, I invite you to visit his website and read, Who I Am.

Then, stop in at his campaign website, David Castillo for Congress and see for yourself where he stands on current issues and what ideas he offers.

21 Comments to “Who Is David Castillo?”

  1. Your characterization of Hedrick, (a Marine you once supported and now, have turned against simply because he is beating your favorite at every forum) shows that you are clearly not the man I thought you were. For one, I know Hedrick. He has made it absolutely clear that his volunteers are never to lie about another candidate, take their positions out of context, or attack them or their families personally. Hedrick has said that he can’t control every activist on the internet or elsewhere, but he will not tolerate dishonorable activities by those working on his campaign. To lump him in with someone else, who may or may not have attacked Castillo is wrong.

    What makes matters worse is your implied allegations about Hedrick’s military service. “Questionable military record”. If you are going to make statements of that nature, you had better have some serious evidence to back it up. If you question Hedrick’s service, perhaps the first person you should talk to is Hedrick. Making baseless allegations about a Marine that was injured protecting this nation is not just wrong, it is dishonorable.

  2. Ooops. I believe your quote was “Questionable military service”. Not that it changes much. In fact, to me it sounds worse.

  3. J, you are wrong on so many areas it is pathetic.

    I have and still do appreciate how Hedrick stood up to Baird. I have never supported him for the 3rd CD run.

    He has not beat everyone at every forum, regardless of what you might wish to think.

    And yes, “Questionable Military Record.”

    For the record, I DID TALK TO HEDRICK, that is why I have questions now. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I can smell bull shit a mile away when it comes to false or exaggerated claims.

    Twice now, from his own mouth, I have heard him say his service is classified, still secret, or such nonsense. There is no such a thing, especially for someone of the rank he said he held. Even if a mission is secret, it doesn’t remain so afterward, the whole world knows about it. If we are to believe he did clandestine mission, he wouldn’t be an E-4 and he wouldn’t be making any mention at all.

    Of the 8 ways to spot a phony (although I do not consider him a phony, but somewhat of an exaggerator), #3 on the list is tails of “classified” missions still.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and read the list for yourself.

    As A Veteran, I have every right and the responsibility to point out bull shit stories when I hear them, especially if being used in an attempt at gaining a congressional career.

    In all your rhetoric, you have not stated anything of concrete meaning, just repeated vague claims.

    We have had recent candidates back east that embarrassed those who supported them by false claims of service, most exaggerations.

    All Hedrick has to do is come clean and stop the BS.

  4. Your nose for BS, as good as you may think it is, is not evidence. Making this kind of allegation without evidence is WRONG. E4’s never participate in missions that are classified? That is absurd. Now I am wondering if you were in the Military. (at this point, you have no right to be angry at that suggestion, after all, at least I have the evidence of your absurd statement) In the Marine Corps E4 is a Non-Commissioned Officer unlike some other services. I was in the military and I worked in intelligence so I know just a LITTLE about this. Things are classified all of the time. All of the time! Some for strategic reasons, and many more for political reasons. From my experience, the overwhelming amount of the time, the classification is absurd. Regardless, until a service member or former service member is advised that the status has been lifted, they must continue to operate as if it were in existence. Clinton was President when Hedrick was overseas in a combat unit. And yes, I have checked on this because of your assertions, it was an elite Marine combat unit. Does it surprise you that Clinton just might make something classified to ovoid a political price for getting involved in something?

    I have never heard Hedrick tell any grand stories about what happened in this “questionable event” according to you. I have never even heard him bring it up unless someone specifically asked him about his injuries. He will go into detail about one of his injuries (initially happened in boot camp, but was re-injured later in his service), but not the other. When I heard him talk about it (only after being asked), it was obvious that he was playing it down and did not want to dwell on it. He was just being honest. I have never heard any of the customary “war stories” that always accompany a braggart. Hedrick is not that type. Anyone who has spent any significant time with him knows this.

    Again Lew, without evidence, this is not responsible at all. Imagine someone questioned your Vietnam experience based on their nose for BS. I did that above to make a point. If someone did without evidence, I would defend you. Even, though you might not deserve it at this point.

    The sad thing is, I bet Hedrick would too.

  5. The evidence is in the bogus claim of classified missions. You didn’t read the list, did you?

    There has been an FOIA request submitted for the public portion of his record and I am not the only person he has said it to.

    A Veteran will easily and quickly inform you of his MOS (from when I was in), where stationed, dates, etc. Any hemming or hawing is another sign.

    As far as my Military service, I’ll gladly show you both of my DD 214′s, my DA Form 20 (done away with in 1973 when they began going computerized), my EERs and you may also visit my facebook page and see photos of me in Viet Nam and a lot younger.

    None of that clears up bogus claims of his service still being classified.

    How do you think we have ferreted out others over the years making false or exaggerated claims?

    You should also read the book Stolen Valor by BG Burkett.

    Oh, and I did not say “questionable event.” Other than the super Rambo account Britany Welles wrote in April, he did not disclose the simplest part of his Marine service when I asked him to his face.

  6. “Again Lew, without evidence, this is not responsible at all.”

    But claims of classified service, absolutely unsubstantiated, ARE “responsible?’

    I’m cursed (or blessed) with both a combat arms and admin background in the military.

    I have never heard of this kind of thing.

    Now, I freely admit that because *I* never heard of it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. But the inescapable aspect of all of this is expressed here:

    If the op or job was classified… he wouldn’t have mentioned that he was on or in a job or op that was classified…. thus the phrase “classified.”

    This is troubling, and an unforced error. That he’s served as a Marine should have been enough. Embellishment of any kind, exclusive of being unneeded, could be cause for questions of integrity.

    And he certainly doesn’t want that.

  7. I contacted Hedrick this morning to ask him why he did not answer your questions about his military service per your allegation. Hedrick made it clear that you have never asked him about his military service.

    He said that other than common greetings in passing, you have only had two “conversations” in the past.

    The first took place by the front doors of Blackstone, lasted only a few minutes and Castillo was actually present for half of it. Hedrick said you talked about the Baird Town hall and how you were impressed by Hedrick. After that, Castillo walked up and two or three of you joked a bit. Then, the conversation ended. There were no specific questions about his service in the Marine Corps.

    The second time also happened to be at Blackstone during a Peck fundraiser. Hedrick said he specifically remembers this conversation for good reason. He was on his way to sit down with a volunteer and potential campaign donor (this person ended up making substantial contribution) who was at a table in the lower section. On his way to the stairs, he ran into you. Hedrick said you told him about a trip you had just returned from where you drove to Washington from one of the Southern border states, though he couldn’t remember which one. He said you then transitioned into stories about Vietnam. He said the conversation seemed to last about 30min or so, but he is not sure exactly. Apparently Hedrick spoke for less than 1 min of the entire exchange. He was very clear about this. In fact, the reason he remembers the conversation so vividly is because he spent the second half of it, looking over your shoulder at his volunteer and waiting for you to pause for breath long enough to make a polite exit.

    Hedrick said he would have loved to talk to you about his service, but you spent so much time talking about yours, that he never got the chance.

    On a side note, I have made contact with a Marine Hedrick served with. I am going to have a conversation with this person today and resolve this issue once and for all.

  8. Interesting, J. We never had a conversation on his service, yet he goes on to describe the setting we had it in. Yes, Castillo was nearby when we had the conversation and he wasn’t involved in it. In fact, I have never discussed this with Castillo.

    Hedrick is just digging himself in deeper and his ploy is not going to work. I am far from the only person involved in this.

    He seems to have forgotten when he stood before an audience at Club Green Meadows and made the claim. Or, was he not really present that evening? If he needs a refresher for his memory, that’s where we stood and discussed our common background of Central Florida for a minute or two.

    He can try to deflect this on to me all he wishes, but it isn’t going to work. I’ll gladly lay out my DD 214′s with his and any other records either of us may have on hand.

    I’ll also sign an SF 180 to a neutral third party. Will he?

    Don’t you find it odd he doesn’t just come out and say where he really was and what he really did to you?

    I have photos of me in Viet Nam as a Helicopter Mechanic. Chris Boyd has photos of himself in Afghanistan. David Castillo has photos of himself in the Navy. Every single Veteran I know of has photos of them selves where they served, including those I have no respect for, such as John ‘F’in Kerry.

    A photo of someone hanging on a rope from such a distance that it is impossible to tell who it is isn’t exactly supportive.

    You might also discuss this Britany Welles. She seems to be quite proficient with spinning “war stories.”

    We’ll see what comes back on the FOIA request.

    Of course, it would be much easier to just come out and state what his actual Military job was and what units he served with, as well as where.

    Oh yes, another little tidbit, at these functions, it is virtually impossible for any two people to stand and discuss anything for nearly 30 minutes.

    Attend some for yourself and see.

    As an aside, since he seems to be ducking and not answering others calls and attempts to contact, so far this is out only in comments. Once I see what comes back from FOIA, it will become very public.

    And again I’ll ask, why such efforts to avoid just simply stating what his actual service and job capacity was?

  9. This time you have been caught miss-stating the facts Lew. There is only one place with Marine pictures of Hedrick on the web. This video.

    Granted, you can’t see him well in the picture on the rope, but you can in many of the others. You took that reference from this video while clearly misleading everyone. Are you being completely forthright Lew?

    Also, I found quite a bit about Hedrick’s “questionable military history” today after talking to a Marine who served with him in the same unit.
    When Hedrick is asked what he did in the Marines, he always says the same thing.

    “I was a grunt in a HELO unit”

    Hedrick was in fact a grunt in a HELO unit, albeit an extremely modest grunt.

    Hedrick was also a Combat Water Safety Swimmer. This is the highest swim rating in the USMC with less that 1% making the cut. I found out you have to be a WSQ (permanent qualification) just to try out. In Hedrick’s class, of the approximately 100 or less WSQ’s on Pendleton, about 50 tried out and only 12 got into the class. Of that 12, only 5 graduated. Hedrick was among them.

    I didn’t know that, did you?

    Hedrick maintained a 1st class PFT throughout his time in the Corps, (Physical Fitness Test) the highest rating.

    I didn’t know that, did you?

    Hedrick was an expert rifleman, again the highest rating. As the best shot in his platoon, Hedrick was selected for and graduated from Designated Marksman training, which is a type of sniper school.

    I didn’t know that, did you?

    Hedrick was selected for and competed in Super Squad. This is a huge honor and is essentially the Marine Corps version of the Army’s Ranger challenge.

    I didn’t know that, did you?

    After serving overseas where he was part of a live mission (more about that later) he returned to the U.S. and joined Recon. This is Marine Corps Special Forces.

    I didn’t know that, did you?

    The fact is, how could a braggart who is “claiming to have done something that he did not do” for political gain, achieve all of this and most of his closest volunteers don’t even know about it? That doesn’t make sense at all does it Lew?

    As for Hedrick’s involvement in a mission overseas, I am collecting information to corroborate the story I was just told by a Marine that was there with him. So far, it is nearly bullet proof. You might want to get an apology ready for this one.

    Take a close look at the video above. Rumor has it that the island in the background of the picture where Hedrick is clearly shown on the deck of the USS Belleau Wood (The only LH3 in the Pacific at the time), is a little hotspot in Indonesia called East Timor. Hmmmmm, Hedrick as an 0311 (infantry), on the USS Belleau Wood, in late 1999, with an Island in the background that looks an awful lot like East Timor, where the 31st MEU, of which Hedrick was a part at the time, was conducting a live humanitarian operation as part of INTERFET, where according to Bill Clinton there were NO combat troops. Not a single one, I tell you. Clinton said the Navy was there to “feed the distressed people of East Timor”. For those who are wondering, 0311’s don’t show up to make you breakfast.

    Of course, one must ask the question, what ship delivered the first round of support to East Timor where militias from the Muslim, Communist, West of the island were murdering and terrorizing the locals who had the audacity to demand independence, democratic representation and freedom?

    That’s right,… It was the USS Belleau Wood.

    What was the mission of the 31st MEU in Indonesia? Supporting INTERFET troops with supplies and logistics delivered primarily be helicopter because of the lack of fixed wing landing positions on the East side of the beautiful island of Timor.

    What does Hedrick tell everyone he did in the Marines again?

    “I was a grunt in a HELO unit”

    Don’t worry; I will have much more after I check on a few things and it only gets better from here.

  10. J, Lew don’t care what Hedrick did in the Marines unless it helps his buddy David Castillo.. He should name this blog “The Castillo for Congress” blog as the only thing here is the trashing of David Castillo’s fellow republicans.

    Since Lew is unemployed he is helping David Castillo in hopes of getting a job from him. He follows him around like a lost puppy. He must have breathed too much gas fumes where he worked.

    Lew, remember the robocall? Who did that? When? So David Castillo was the 1st person to attack another candidate correct! And don’t forget you also helped him with a video link traching Herrera..

    It’s only a good thing if it helps his buddy.. Sorry Lew, go get your government unemployment check as you only hurt Castilllo as I take whatever you do as being from David Castillo himself!

  11. Funny you would try to drag Castillo in this when he has nothing to do with it. Just more obfuscation, as usual, Robert. Can you point anything untruthful in that robocall?

    J, I’m glad you gave this bit of information, since Hedrick would not. I assume he still has some of his old orders?

    But, as I said, even if a mission is secret, it does not remain so. And, for the secretive nature of this “mission,” it was sure spread out across the media.

    Funny thing on the USS Belleau Wood and East Timor, why didn’t David tell you where the ship had just returned from when it was rapidly deployed to East Timor?

    I know, do you?

    Oh, and with of this overkill, bear in mind, all I’ve said is that twice he has stated he cannot discuss his service because it is still classified, once at an CCRW forum.

    And yes, the one photo does look like him (I’ve seen it before) but rumors as to where it was taken and when are just that, rumors. If I posted the rumors I’ve heard and read, then you would have something to stand on. We don’t deal in unsubstantiated rumors here.

    Then again, what you supply doesn’t quite jive with what Britany Welles, who claims to have known him since the 3rd grade and heavily promotes him around the web, posted on resistnet.com in April.

    After all, since he single handily took out over 20 terrorists at close range with his sniper rifle, saving the life of her husband, she’d know, right?

    I also assume you have seen his 214? Your claims should be readily stated on it as official confirmation.

    But, the question remains, even though he denies saying it to me alone, why did he make the claim before the audience at the CCRW candidates forum, when all is apparently common knowledge?

    But, with this, we now have more than just conjecture to work with, thanks.

  12. Robert, you seem to conveniently forget the whisper campaign that had been ongoing against Castillo long before the robo-call.

    And yes, everything I’ve stated about Herrera is linked back official public documents and news articles.

    As for Hedrick, we’ll see what comes up now that J gave some particulars to work with.

  13. That sounds like you Lew. I was going to give you the explicite evidence that I do have not, but it would only serve to give you more “particulars to work with” so that you can attempt to lie and twist any facts to get the result you want. The fact is, Hedrick is a Marine who served his country honorably in uniform. You have brought dishonor to yourself by your actions. I did some research on you today as well.

    But just so you know. Hedrick served at Camp Hansen in Okinawa. The Belleau Wood came from Sasebo Japan, to pick them up and yes, Hedrick was one day away from an interrupted trip to Guam.

    As for my evidence, you do not deserve it and will not. After all, you are not trying to get to the truth, you are simply trying to get the “constitutional scholar” who used to brag about how little he knew about the Constitution on every stage until Hedrick changed the race.

    Dispute it if you like. It will be on youtube soon enough.

    You have a nose for BS? I have a nose for liars and cowards and let me tell you, this blog stinks.

  14. And just so you know. Unlike the person who has been posting about Castillo on youtube and using lies and half truths half of the time, when I post a video it will contain none of that. I am not like you. I will however, take his exact words, in context, that were uttered in the political arena. That is not off limits.

    I will never demean Castillo personally or question his military service based on a hunch or something I read in a novel. That would put me in the same boat with you.

    Instead, I will simply give an honest account of his changing positions.

  15. Gawrsh, J, from the manner in which you got your panties all twisted up, you’d think I asked a question about Ron Paul. No matter.

    Your embellishment of what I have claimed and stated all along, simply that Hedrick told me and the audience at the CCRW that his service was still classified, is almost funny. I’ve never said he served dishonorably or that he did not serve at all. As I have repeatedly said and another also said, having worn the uniform is good enough, so no need to hide behind anything like claims of “classified missions.”

    Why he chose to say that is known but to him. I have heard he said at other venues, but since I wasn’t present, I have not brought them up.

    Oh, and the Japan is not where the USS Belleau Wood had just returned from when she was suddenly redeployed to East Timor in October 1999. She was in the Arabian Gulf in support of Operations Desert Thunder, Southern Watch and Desert Fox.

    By the way, Corporal, E-4 is a very junior NCO rank, but that isn’t necessarily germane to the discussion.

    It might also interest you to know that 0311 (11B00 in the Army when I was in) is your basic infantry MOS.

    Nothing you gave indicates any need whatsoever for any “classified mission” claim.

    And, so what if he was at Camp Hansen in Okinawa? “The base is home to the Central Training Area, which includes several firing ranges, a pair of shooting houses which support live fire training, and other training areas, being one of the few locations on the island where weapon firing is permitted. Also located at Camp Hansen is a brig, a confinement facility that houses U.S. military members from around the Far East for short term sentences.”

    Your point?

    I was at Ft. Jackson, S.C., Ft Eustis, Va., Lane Army Heliport, An Son Viet Nam, Camp Radcliffe, An Khe Viet Nam, Merrill Barracks Nurnberg Germany, Feucht Army Airfield Germany, Ft. Bragg, NC and Simmons Army Airfield.

    If you have factual evidence and choose not to share it, your business, but it is of no help to Hedrick in the multiple witnessed occasions he chose to state his service was “classified.”

    And still, don’t you find it strange that David himself just doesn’t come out with the information?

    Funny you wish now to take on Castillo, who has nothing to do with this or has never made any of the claims, I am the one doing it. But, you go right ahead, all Hedrick will end up with is a few votes, much like Ron Paul did.

    A smart Marine with all that tactical training you said he has would see what is happening, by whom and why. And she too will lose.

    Oh, did you intentionally ignore his lifelong friend, Britany Welles? She might have pulled her post off of Resistnet, but Google cache still has it.

    A little note on Roberts claim of seeking a job with Castillo, why would I wish to do so when I am at retirement age? Besides, what would I get, GSA Motor Pool? No thanks, did that for too many years already.

  16. Classified is Classified! Two many Political figures open their mouths today with information stating they are not authorized to comment but do so without the press using their names.

    If they are not authorized to do so, then they should keep their mouths shut!

    As for David Hedrick’s service, He was a United States Marine. If someone has some shit on that then bring it on as I would like to hear it. Someone claiming that he should talk about his “Classified” service is BS. I have a family of Military and alot of friends who believe Classified is just that and David would lose a lot of credability with many if he did and me also.

    So, as a David Castillo Supporter, your goal is to what?

    You should worry about David Castillo and what stupid mistake he will make next.

    Lew, it was a small issue that driving video I agree! I did not see it as news.. But when he said he did not look at the camera, and the video clearly shows he did what is that? It was a lie! And he want’s whos vote?

    He should of said it was stupid and left it at that! But no, he had to open another can of worms.. BTW, the video was on CNN last night!

  17. Robert, this might be a bit difficult for you to fathom, but try hard. It is not about revealing some deep dark government secret, it is about what answer I received to a question and subsequent comments made in public.

    As a Veteran I have heard many exaggerated and questionable claims as to service. Many have been revealed in the news to the embarrassment of their parties, when politicians.

    As a Veteran, few things rile me more than false, exaggerated or embellished claims, including lies of omission. When a former service member goes around claiming his service, even parts of it are still classified, something is wrong.

    My intent has nothing to do with Castillo or anyone else, it is me acting on what I have heard coming from Hedrick’s mouth and knowing better.

    Hi “why” is known but to him, but I know better.

    As for the tape (whoopie if on CNN, who watches that?), you apparently glossed over the original article where the WSP stated there is no law against operating a video recorder while driving.

    If this is all you have, good luck.

    I hope you’ll enjoy seeing Democrats retain the seat we could have had.

  18. Lew,

    David Castillo said it was Stupid himself! Are you now saying it’s the smart thing to do because it’s not “Illegal”? If we had to have a law for every Stupid act we are in big trouble.

    Why did he lie and say he did not look at the Camera? That’s what bothers me! I would have never thought twice about it but the video made it clear.

    The only fact you have of David Hedrick’s service is he was in the Marines. There is no evidence he has made a “False” claim, only a claim that you don’t like his answer too, but can not say it’s not true based on facts.

    As for Democrats retaining the seat. We are a long way from the the General Election. And we do have (3) Qualified candidates that are republicans.

    I don’t care for Castillo, You Don’t care for Herrera or Hedrick. But it’s the rest of the voters that will decide who makes it to the General. If it happens to be (2) Democrats then that’s what the Majority decided..

    Is that a good thing.. NO! But that’s what we got in 2008 and I don’t believe it will happen in 2010. People have opened their eyes Lew. Well at least we hope they did.

    Lew I don’t care who wins in this district.. I’m now looking at Hedrick as a Candidate I would vote for! But unless we look at the big picture and get the House and Senate filled with Conservative Republicans we will not accomplish anything.

    Hedrick has not lied and there is no proof “Smoking Gun” he has. If you find one let us know.

  19. Nice try, Robert, but your spin won’t work.

    For the record, I don’t care for Herrera. I happen to like Hedrick, but don’t think he is qualified or experienced enough to be a congressman.

    However, I have patiently waited to see if either of you picked up on something so obvious to Veterans it it nearly screams out.

    Go back and read every claim made by J. The accomplishments listed are each 100% legitimate positive campaign resume’ enhancers, the very things anyone running for office would list. Even better with making the paper trail of each available.

    In fact, I have listed similar Military accomplishments on my own personal resume’ for years and have the paper work to back them up if asked for.

    So the question remains, with so many bona fide accomplishments to list, why say something like his service remains classified?

    And don’t forget, it wasn’t only to me he stated it but to groups.

    And no, J, I didn’t know that. How could we when he decided to hide them and instead make such a questionable claim?

    If he had simply listed those accomplishments and have any related paperwork available in case someone challenged it, we would not be having this discussion and I would not be asking about his “questionable service.”

  20. I took your suggestion and read David Castillo’s “Who I am” page on his website. It does bring him down to a personal level.
    Although, one question, came to mind.
    In 2001, he mentions he was on his death bed, after his accident.
    He doesn’t say what that accident was.
    I hope it wasn’t a car accident while he was trying to video tape himself while driving.

    I also watched his video attached to that piece of a speech he gave in July 2009. It’s interesting that he quotes two or three times from John F. Kennedy. And no quotes from Ronald Reagan. Hmmm…who is this guys hero’s? He does talk a good story, but what is it that he really believes?
    We don’t have a record of voting in any legislature to point at or go from.
    So, I keep asking my self, who really is this guy David Castillo?

    Funny thing, I kept asking myself the same question before and after the last presidential election when another guy was telling us all about “Hope and Change”

  21. As I said, John, ya’ll can’t come close to competing in the arena of ideas or match him on the issues, so cheap shots are what you have left.

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